Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Love of My Life...

Got your sick buckets at the ready? You might need them for this post as it is probably going to contain some mush.

As it is Valentines day today my thoughts turn to the only Valentine I've ever really had...My Hubby. Apart from my Dad I can't remember ever receiving a Valentines card from anyone else. Although Dad would send me a card every year and sign it with just his initial I still used to try and figure out who it could possibly be from. I guess once upon a time he did feel some love for his Daughter to go to that effort every year...shame that love didn't last.

Me (in the middle) with the Dad I once adored.

The love that has lasted the test of time for me isn't from my Dad like a lot of women, it is from my Husband. He has loved me since we were teenagers way back in the 80's. He was sixteen and I was seventeen. The first time I saw him the words that slipped out of my mouth was "I'm in love!". He later told me that the first time he saw me he knew he wanted to marry me. I guess you could say it was Love at first sight. 

See, I warned you the sick buckets might come in handy!

Within two weeks we were living together, within two months we were engaged and eighteen months later we were wed and about to become parents for the first time. 

We have been married 23 years this year and I love him more than I ever have. Believe me when I say we have been through a hell of a lot to get where we are today. We have fought, bickered, laughed, loved and cried. We have both even imagined the grass might be greener on the other side. There are a few things that we wish we could go back and change but to be honest if the rubbish stuff hadn't of happened then I don't think we would be so in love now. Most of us become a bit wiser as we age don't we, and that is because we have often experienced lots of stuff from our own mistakes or those of our friends and family. 

So I'd like to wish my wonderfully devoted Hubby a very Happy Valentines Day and to Thank him for all the lovely things he does for me and our Kids. I Love You and Always will!


  1. Lovely! It's the first throes lasting forever that makes it special - we're the same, 25 years on! Laughing with and looking after eachother and knowing what the other is going to say is the love that makes our world go round!

  2. Oh How lovely,. I will have been married to MadDad for 17 years next month and he is my one and only. I love a marriage that is worked at. Happy V day

  3. Aw bless - what a lovely post. Even though we don't do Valentine's Day here that made me go all gooey.

    Happy Valentines Day to you both x

  4. Awww bless. Happy Valentine's Day to you both. Love isn't perfect, but it's worth it x

  5. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!!!

  6. What a lovely post! You are so right about us becoming wiser as we get older! Youth is wasted on the young isn't it? Hope you had a great valentines day! Emma :)



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