Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Listography - What a Mug!

OK, so I nearly didn't join in with this weeks Listography because I'm really not a massive Mug user (I prefer small cups) and the ones I do have I didn't think were very interesting but then Kate mentioned the chance of winning a Cath Kidston mug I just couldn't resist linking up. 

My Mug - It is vintage bone china and its a mini mug. It is the only cup I will use and if anyone makes me a cuppa in any other cup then I transfer the drink into this one. 

I love this next mug, it is so kitsch and reminds me of my childhood. I usually make Hubby's tea in this one (and no he doesn't complain, although he did at first). Yes, he is a Saint.

As some of you know I love vintage Pyrex and these are very similar to Pyrex with the white glass and bold print. I love this design. 

Now, I have two of these mugs and I usually give them to guests but I have no idea what make they are which really bugs me as I would love to look them up on ebay and get some more. They look very 50's/60's. If you know what they are please tell. 

Linking up to Kate's Listography


  1. I'd happily drink tea from any of these lovelies, but if I had a choice if would surely be the pyrex one - so pretty! And the tea would stay nice and hot - nothing worse than tepid tea!

  2. I love all these vintage mugs lovely choices xx

  3. I nearly didn't join in either Mama. I thought Kate had gone over the edge! LOL (Hi Kate!) It's nice to see so many lovely mugs and cups though. I see heaps of those white retro ones you've got. Wish you lived a little closer and I'd pick them up for you. Is it called Termocrisa milk glass?

    Anne xx

  4. Those pyrex ones bring me straight back to my best friends kitchen when we were kids. Fabulous. And look at lovely Anne finding more stuff for you! Lisography love :)

  5. Thanks Ladies. And Kate isn't Anne Ace! Love that cup very 80's! Even the name of it sounds yummy! x

  6. A adore the pyrex one and the queen ones take me right back to my mum and dads. My grandad collected them

  7. All pretty mugs, especially the pyrex-style one.



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