Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Gallery - A Family Story

I Love old family photo's and I have a fascination with the women who walked before me. My Great Grandmothers on both sides intrigue me. I have been told my Great Grandmother on my Dads side was a petite, feisty cockney who adored her four boys, one of which was my Grandad and on my Mums side she was well spoken, gentle and came from 'posh' stock. 

I only really know about these two Great Grandmothers and I love to hear stories about them and when I have more time I will research more of my family history to hopefully find out more about my other two Great Grandmothers.

I have played around in photoshop and created six generations of the women and girls on my Mums side. I am there in the middle and even though my Daughter next to me isn't my Granddaughters Mother (She is my Sons), she is the sixth generation. So my Great Grandmother is my Grandaughters Great, Great, Great Grandmother.

I have written about my Great Grandmother (far left) before here. Sadly she lost her life during the blitz as her air raid shelter was bombed, she was only in her fifties and left seven children behind. My Nan being the youngest, was only thirteen when she lost the mother she adored. 
We then lost our Nan last year age 83 and my Mum five years before her in 2006...she was only in her fifties too just like her Grandmother.

I've created two of these montages for the benefit of both my Daughters, so that they are both included and on the end we have our Granddaughter.

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The theme this week is A Family Story.
I think these photo's tell a story...Do you agree?


  1. I love your story and your six generations of women! Great photos.

  2. That's lovely! And what a fine line of beautiful women you make xx

  3. This is right up my street. I'm always playing around with stuff like this. There's definitely a family resemblance in the first and last shots (the eyes maybe?)
    You're so lucky to have these photos, do treasure them! If you need an innovative way to store family memories in chronological order, check out

  4. How wonderful to have those photos. You've made me want to get in touch with all the women in my family and see if any of them have photos of long ago relatives :)

  5. Beautiful pictures. Such an interesting post.

  6. Amazing to see all those generations in a row like that. You've inspired me to try to do the same.

  7. Great pictures - an original take on the theme too. It's the sort of thing which would make a lovely collection of images to frame and put on the wall.

  8. That's awesome, I've been thinking a lot recently about doing some family research, I don't really know anything beyond my own grandparents. Amazing to have photos like that

  9. Great photos! I wish I had something like that, fascinating to find out your family tree.

  10. Wonderful montage! You definitely all have the same eyes! Emma :) xx

  11. wow what great photos and beautiful story behing them. All having the same eyes amazing x

  12. Mama Syder, I love your great grandmothers! The first looks a little Eliza Doolittle in her dress and hat :)
    I'm so sorry to hear of your losses and I really hope you manage to discover more about these wonderful ladies who cherished their children above all else.



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