Friday, 24 February 2012

Flashback Friday - 1985

Flashback Friday is back and being hosted by Emma over at A Matter of Choice. I love looking through other peoples old photos and sharing their memories. Their past is what has made them the people they are today and I just think its interesting hearing about peoples experiences in life so I'm really pleased this linky is up and running again. 

So for my first week of linking up I'm taking you back to 1985. I was fifteen in this photo and on my way to our local youth club with my mates. It was a place we all went to every week, a popular place to hang out  loads of teenagers would meet up there. There would be a disco every Friday night where we danced our socks off to tunes from Janet Jackson, Madonna, five Star, Band Aid, Wham, Paul Young, Culture Club and Duran Duran. Every time I hear Wham's Last Christmas it takes me back to this time and I see myself linked arms with the girls singing along to this Christmas classic.

I'm the one posing in the pale pink outfit (although it looks white in this photo.) At the time we wore big baggy shirts with massive diamante brooches at the neck. I wish it was a little clearer because this brooch I was wearing was multicoloured and I loved it. I was also wearing gigantic pink loop earrings and I know I would have been wearing tons of bangles up my arms because I never left home without them. I love that my mate next to me is blowing a big bubblegum bubble, we thought we were so cool.

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  1. Brilliant photo! I love the 80s, they mostly passed me by though as I was just a year or two too young to appreciate them at the time. Looks like you had some great nights out there.

    Thank you so much for joining in, hope to see you back for more next week :)

  2. You girls look like the back up singers from Wham's "Wake me Up Before you Go Go!" LOL Just kidding Mama. You look great. I think I've got a photo like that somewhere!

    Anne xx

  3. Wow! Look at you! Sexy, moody pose. Love it!

  4. ha ha you do all look so 80's its true! blowing bubbles was cool the problem was my mum banned me from having bubble gum so i used to buy it sneakily and blow some good bubbles!! even now if i was to have chewing gum i can't help but blow little bubbles! x

  5. I love your photo's... we're about the same age so it always takes me back! In 1985 I had a flat top with a huge point at the front.... I loved King Kurt & The Clash but will always have a soft spot for Wham... hehe!!

  6. Hilarious Mama! You are such a fashion plate. And we are the same age! ;)
    Karin @ Cafe Bebe

  7. This is so great. Bubblegum and all. I can partic relate to your mate's big white belt!!!! Anyone who was anyone had a big white belt back then...



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