Thursday, 2 February 2012

#dosomethingyummy - Why I became a Mum

(Me and four of my Brothers 1985)

I feel like I've always been a Mum. Being the eldest of six kids I was raised surrounded by nappies, bottles, potties, snotty noses and pregnant tummies. My Mum worked full time and as I was the only girl in the family I took a keen interest in the babies and often helped my Mum with baby sitting, feeding and changing nappies. I loved my younger Brothers with every single bone in my body and I enjoyed their company. I just loved to be around them, the chaos, the noise and the fun.

I always felt like I was a second Mum to them and when as a teenager I met Papa, he too began to share the responsibility of the boys with us. Everywhere we went we had a trail of little Brothers behind us and people would laugh saying to Papa 'Blimey when you met her you took on four kids'. In a way that statement was true because if I had met someone who didn't love my Brothers as much as me then they would have been gone, out the door, dont turn around now...You get my drift?

I always knew I wanted quite a big family of my own one day and would dream of having two boys and two girls. I was very lucky that I was able to fulfil that dream and become a Mum to four lovely kids.

Papa and I met and married as teenagers during the eighties. It was quite 'normal' to get married young back then, I was only nineteen and Papa was even younger at eighteen. We became very young parents and have now had twenty two years together as Mum and Dad.

Being a Mum has been hard graft, especially in the early days when my Boys were little. Only thirteen months between them I was constantly on the go. Now our youngest child is twelve, they are becoming more and more off hand people often say I bet you enjoy that you have more free time now and I do, but I can't help wishing sometimes that I could have them all little again, running around my feet and pulling on my trouser leg. They are such precious, special times and I cherish my memories as a young Mum to my young family.

 (Me as a young Mum with my two boys in 1992)

And Now in our forties we are Nanny and Grandad to a Beautiful six year old. We sit and Watch our next generation grow with so much love and adoration and we realise that for us, this is what life is all about.

Our family...
I have enjoyed being a Mum and I can not imagine my life without my kids and taking on this role was the best decision I ever made.

This post was written in support of CLIC Sargent and Yummy Mummy Week - 10th to 18th March 2012.

Every day ten families are told their child has cancer. I just can not even begin to imagine the shock and worry that parents who receive this news must feel. It must be a terrifying experience. Fellow Blogger (Nickie at Typecast) personally experienced child cancer and you can read about it here. During the run up to Yummy Mummy Week Nickie will be hosting a link up of writing prompts every Thursday for the next four weeks as a way to raise some awareness for the charity. This week I picked prompt 'Why did you have children? How they have they changed your life?'.
So what's this 'Yummy Mummy Week' all about then? Well it is a fund raising campaign to raise funds for CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading cancer charity for children and young people. Eastenders favourite, Patsy Palmer and celebrity chef Annabel Karmel hosted a tea party a couple of weeks back at Cavallino Restaurant in Chelsea for five mothers whose children are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. 

The tea party launched Yummy Mummy Week and Patsy tells us “As a Patron of CLIC Sargent I’ve seen first hand the charity’s wonderful work supporting young cancer patients, and their families, at a very difficult time in their lives. I’m lending my support to Yummy Mummy Week as it’s a great way for mums to get together, do something yummy and have a great time in aid of a great cause!”

So Bloggers across the UK are getting involved to help raise awareness for this great cause and if you fancy it you can too by blogging about it and/or registering for a fund raising pack on the website and maybe organising an event like an afternoon tea and cake sale, a pamper party, or a nearly new sale. It can be as simple as inviting your mum and friends to pop round for a coffee morning for a small donation, or as extravagant as getting together with the girls to organise a Yummy Mummy night out.


  1. What a lovely post! Brought a tear to my eye! Emma :) xx

  2. Lovely! It must be really nice having such a large family. I am an only child but have recently acquired step and half siblings so it's nice to get a little bit a 'big' family life even at my age!

  3. Lovely words and gorgeous photographs. You found your mission in life and I am sure they all love you to bits.

  4. Such a lovely post :) Some people are just born to be mums! x

  5. What fab photos! I too come from a big family and always wanted 4 myself...

  6. Beautiful post, your family are gorgeous. xx

  7. fab photos and a wonderful story. obviously a family bursting with love.

  8. "the best decision I ever made." sums it up! Lovely post :) x

  9. Fantastic post - seeing the next generation develop is such a different experience, isn't it? I loved reading your generational story.

    Thanks for writing this post for the #dosomethingyummy campaign.

  10. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed hearing about your reasons for becoming a mum and I am so happy for you that life has given you so many special gifts! As someone who is just getting to the point of considering a family, it is reassuring to read about other people's experiences and how happy having young children can make some people!

  11. Great post and I love your photos, especially the one of you in the photo booth!

    Thanks so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy

  12. Such a lovely post, and love the photographs too ;) Mirka @Kahanka

  13. Aww, brilliant post! I love the pic of you with your boys!



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