Thursday, 9 February 2012

Celebrities are Pushing The Envelope

 (Rod Campbell's envelope)

Prominent names from the fields of art, design, fashion, television, theatre, film, sport and literature are getting creative this year by designing envelopes that will be sold to the public to help raise money for the National Literacy Trust.

This is the seventh annual Pitney Bowes 'Pushing the Envelope' campaign and the celebs involved have transformed everyday envelopes into exclusive works of art which will be sold on eBay from 12th March 2012 until 22nd March 2012. All proceeds from the auction go to the National Literacy Trust; a charity that works in disadvantaged  communities across the UK, helping people to gain the literacy skills they need for success and happiness throughout life.

All entries this year are based on the theme ‘Inspiration’ giving extra insight into the creative minds of the celebrity supporters. 

The designs are really good and my particular favourite is Dame Vera Lynn's...

Some of the Celebs have also written words of inspiration and I was intrigued and excited to read the words of the Legend that is Vera. I wasn't disappointed...

(The Words of one of my favourite charities are 'It isn't what you can't do, it's what you can do.' The Dame Vera Lynn Trust with Cerebral palsy.)

 There are so many gorgeous designs that I wish I could share on my blog but here are just a few from Laura Hambleton, children’s illustrator,  Helen Craig, children’s author and illustrator and Matthew Rice for Emma Bridgewater, home wear designer...

I love any campaign that encourages children to read and I think this one is so lovely. If you would like some further info or would like to view a selection of the envelopes you can at the campaign’s website

National Literacy Trust Director Jonathan Douglas said: “Every penny raised from the Pushing the Envelope campaign makes a difference to our work in disadvantaged communities across the UK. The money will provide children with books of their own for the first time or help struggling teenagers gain the communication skills they need for the workplace. Raising the literacy levels of children and families in need will help them to enjoy better opportunities throughout life.”

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