Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reasons to Be Cheerful

I'm feeling really positive as I enter 2012. I have lots of plans for this year...not resolutions as I decided not to make those anymore just a few positive changes for the year ahead.

1) I'd really like a craft stall this year so I've been busy making a start on new stock. I've organised my sewing box/area and ordered so nice new fabrics. I'm feeling really excited about it.

2) I've been de-cluttering and decorating my bedroom. I did already make a start on the decorating last year but didn't finish it. I've just ordered some lovely wallpaper, new bedding and curtains. I chucked out two black sacks of junk and moved the furniture around to give me more space. The photo below is before its makeover, I'll post photo's when its finished.

3) I've started a diet...hey, stop yawning I know its only the 50th time I've started it but I'm determined this time. I can do it! I will be wearing my size 12's again...I promise! Wish me luck x

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  1. I think i'm in love with your kitchen! X

  2. Hey Mama Syder!
    The chicks at the Communal Pantry want you to know we are drawing some inspiration from your sewing! We've made our trip to purchase sample fabrics, but are having trouble motivating ourselves into the sewing room! We do hope our aprons turn out as pretty as yours! Now I should go and wind some bobbins! XO Martha

  3. Great reasons to be cheerful, good luck with your craft stall (and your diet!). Don't you look the retro Goddess in your kitchen there ;)

  4. Good luck with your diet..... I try every year too! Love your kitchen :) x

  5. I know for sure that my wife would love those aprons in the first photo!

  6. It's great to have a new project to inspire you, and there's no time like New year to do it. Good luck and enjoy the sewing :)

  7. Good Luck on the weight loss front. Check out New Mum Online's #mumentum as I find that helps me a lot.
    Great news on bedroom - I am attempting the same decluttering stuff.
    Those aprons are fab and have reminded me I used to organise craft fairs so might look into doing one and make some money

  8. I love those aprons for the girls, good luck with the craft stall, sounds like a great idea x

  9. Thanks Everyone for your lovely comments and such positive vibes...Really motivating x

  10. Starting a diet for the 50th time, how familiar that sounds! Hope this one is the last one for you.

    Mich x



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