Saturday, 28 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Websites

This weeks Listography is our Top 5 websites and I'm guessing most of ours are going to be quite similar. The five I use the most are...

1) Of course number one is blogger...

and I use it even more now I have a new photography blog (Mama Syders Photography) where I'm hoping to use to improve my photography skills.

2) Netmums Parent Blogger Network - I love this site for keeping up to date with everyones blogs and reading some new ones.

3) Twitter - What more can I say...I love it!

4) Facebook - Another great place to keep up with Friends and other bloggers.

5) Ebay - I love looking out for bargains on ebay and I also get most of my crafting materials from here too.

So what are your top 5? Similar to mine?

Linking up to Kate's Listography.


  1. I miss eBay. The Swiss version is not so good. Happy to have found your lovely blog through Kate.

  2. Oh I forgot about Ebay! I use it quite a bit too to get things for the kids. Our lists are very similar. Ah the modern day mom! ;-) Will check out your photography site too - am a bit of a photo enthusiast myself! Great list!

  3. It's amazing how similar the lists are - I guess it is safe to say we are addicted!

  4. Glad to hear you have a photography blog now - always love looking at your pics :)

  5. FB, twitter, blogging. We have several of the same!

  6. FB, ebay and blogger the same. I think most crafters are keen on ebay as there's just so much easy access to what you're looking for.

  7. I didn't mention Netmums Blogger Network. Will Kate be mad? Hope not...

  8. Can't wait to see your photography blog Mama. I love your new banner too.

    Anne xx

  9. I love crafting too and never thought of looking on e-bay! Thanks for the idea!!

  10. Ebay - of course! I soo should have put that on my List as I practically live on there at the moment!
    My hubby thinks he's going to get rich selling, but I have to a tendency to spend just as much as he makes so I think I'm cancelling him out!



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