Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Photos of 2011

This weeks Listography was a really difficult one for me because as photography is a hobby of mine I have thousands from 2011 to choose from so to just pick five from all of them was a task indeed. So after much mind changing here are five of my favourites. 

1) I love this one of our Boxer Luna, the bright green and yellow bring this photo together beautifully.

2) Living on a river I take lots of photo's as we walk and love taking sunset shots. This one was taken the week before Christmas and I love the colour of the sky and how it reflected on the water.

3) This one was taken during the spring as we were fishing at a local lake. The weather was sunny, warm mixed with short bursts of rain. I love the way my Daughter is sitting looking into the water daydreaming.

4) This was taken during our recent visit to Center Parcs as we had an afternoon with owls. This particular owl (Eurasian Eagle Owl) is the largest breed in the world and was nearly as big as our Granddaughter. 

5) I took this photo at Kennsington Gardens while the kids were playing in Princess Diana's Playground. It was singing its little heart out. I was thrilled I managed to capture the shot. 

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  1. Wow some fabulous shots. You're putting us to shame here lady!

  2. I remember the robin photo from the first time you shared. Lovely to see it again. x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Mama. Everything is always so green over there. Love it! (Thanks for the kind words about my kids.)

    Anne xx

  4. Fabulous photos Mama! You have such an eye, and capture the moment perfectly!

  5. Some beautiful photos Mama! Emma :)

  6. Gosh! You're a bit good at this stuff! Lovely pics :)



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