Monday, 5 December 2011

Thrifty Gardening - How to make toadstools from recycled wooden bowls

I'm eager to create a magical garden and I love anything that captures the imagination of the children especially if it is made frugally and from recycled materials. I spotted these little stools on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect not only for decoration but for seating little bottoms.

You will need:
* An old wooden bowl
* Some nails
* White satin paint
* Red gloss paint
* Paper, scissors and masking tape
Pop along to your local charity shop or boot sale and look out for some old wooden 1970's bowls. Your Mum, Nan or Auntie might even have one stashed away at the back of their cupboard. I picked these two up at my local charity shop for a £1 each, they are perfect for toadstools.

Lightly sand both bowls a and give them a couple of coats of white satin paint. I went through my log store and picked two logs that I thought were about the right height for stools but if you don't have a log store you could go for a country walk and look for some discarded logs.

Attach the painted bowls on to the top of the logs with hammer & nails.
Cut out circles of paper into various sizes and stick them onto the painted bowls with double sided masking tape.

Then paint with a bright red gloss. They take very little paint so you might even have a little left over in your shed.

Leave to dry then very gently remove the circles of paper revealing your completed toadstools all ready for you and your little ones to enjoy.


  1. I absolutely LOVE these! I'm definitely going to give this a go! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Okifolki, They are really easy to make and brighten up the garden x

  3. simply adorable!!! Well done xx

  4. Oh I love them, what a great idea!
    Maria x

  5. Very cute idea, this definitely makes any garden magical!

  6. How fairylike! Your garden looks like a magic grotto, and I bet you get fairies at the bottom!

  7. Oh my goodness... When it's up, I am going to send you a picture of our Christmas tree and then you will understand that I have a slight obsession with these lovelies. I thought it might be due to the Scandinavian influence, but they are everywhere here in Munich too! I LOVE this post! Emma :)

  8. What a gorgeous idea!

    My daughter would go bonkers for one of these in the garden. I think I might actually have a wooden bowl somewhere, from a charity shop you won't be surprised to hear!

    Thanks for the great idea x

  9. You always amaze me with your creativity my lovely! These are just gorgeous x

  10. I love these and I have some of those exact wooden bowls just sitting around waiting for inspiration. Thank you.




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