Saturday, 31 December 2011

Oh My, What a year!

Wow...What a year it has been for The Syders! So much has changed, we have had a busy year of  concerts, red carpets, days out, BBQ's, long summer walks, new friendships and holidays. However, we have also suffered some heartache as we lost our Nan in September.

To be honest we have had more highs than lows and I always try to focus more on the positives. My eldest Brother emigrated to Canada and I am so proud of him for achieving his life long dream. I always knew he would do it and I hope they have a fantastic life out there. For me here in the UK I have been presented with some wonderful blog opportunities received from some lovely PR's that I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of, So Thanks to all of you for including The Syders.
So I would love to share some of our year in photo's.

We began the year by attending Justin Bieber's movie premiere of Never Say Never at the O2. That day we met Lisa & Mario from Big Brother and were treated to red carpet treatment.

We had a lovely day trip into London to visit Kensington Gardens.

We got tickets for Justin Biebers concert at the O2 for our Daughters 11th birthday.

We celebrated Papa Syders 40th.

And our eldest Child's 21st.

We watched Prince William and Kate get hitched. 

My eldest Brother and his family emigrated to Canada.

We left old school and started a new one (Big School)

We became the new owners of Bertha The Retro Caravan.

I got a new tattoo, new camera...

And a gorgeous new Nephew. 

We lost our Beautiful, funny Nan, who we miss terribly. Being my Mum's Mum I particularly miss her as she was a huge link to my Mum and would frequently talk to me about her. Nan was the only person I felt I could talk to about Mum as much as I wanted without ever feeling like I was being a bore because she loved to mention her as much as me.

It was a year of 'First's' for our Granddaughter as she rode her bike without stabilisers, learnt to roller skate, ice skate and lost her first milk tooth (now she is 'Gappy' just like Grandad.)

We went to see Justin Bieber for the third time this year as he switched on the Christmas lights at Westfield Stratford...
The things we do for our kids! 

Lastly we had a fantastic break at Center of our favourite places.

Hope you have enjoyed sharing our year. I'd like to say a massive Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate every visit, every comment and every new Friend I make.
Here's to a Wonderful 2012!


  1. Happy New Year Mama Syder! What a great year in photos. Here's to 2012!

    Much love,
    Anne xx

  2. A great round up! Wishing you and yours a very happy 2012! Emma :)

  3. what a lovely year of photos, happy new year to you heres to 2012 being a good one x

  4. Happy New Year to you! You know I love your blog so much and I've loved the journey it's been on. Thank you for reading mine too. Gorgeous photos and I will never tire of seeing pictures of Bertha. Hope 2012 brings you everything you dream of x

  5. What a wonderful post!! Happy new year to all the syders xxx

  6. An exciting year for all of you! Great pictures - thanks for sharing! A very Happy New Year to all of you! Here's to a great 2012 and more fab blog posts!

  7. A fabulous 2011 which makes it al the more exciting to wonder what will happen this year, I love popping by here as you are an inspiration to me.
    All the very best for a brilliant 2012 I hope to meet you one day!

  8. Happy New Year to you, wishing you many more laughs and adventures in 2012, I'll be here to follow along!



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