Sunday, 4 December 2011

No Child Should be Dying of Hunger!

I feel so lucky to be a Mother in the UK. I feel so lucky that I can feed my children. I feel so lucky that I can treat my kids every now and then to take out or restaurant food and fill their bellies with lots of delicious grub. I take for granted that sometimes we waste food...Far too much food.

Some other Mums are not so lucky. Kids in East Africa are starving, one dies every six minutes and there isn't a thing their Mothers can do but sit and watch. Can you imagine how heartbreaking...How frustrating that must be?

You can help...You must help. 

Please help these Mums to save their children. It is simple all you need to do is sign the Charter to end extreme hunger here.  It only takes a few minutes.

"So far, over 1,200 campaigners have emailed their MPs calling on them to raise the issue. In response to so many people taking action Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development has announced that he is 'fully supportive' of the aims of the Charter.

This success demonstrates the real impact of campaigning. We now want the UK government to take a lead role and sign the Charter. Kenya and Norway have both already endorsed the Charter. Adding the Uk's signature will encourage other governments around the world to do the same."

Save The Children  #66cities Campaigners across the UK have been representing their cities, calling on the UK government to take a leadership role and sign the charter. I signed the charter and wrote to my local MP back in October and yesterday I was thrilled to receive a reply in the post. They are listening to us so C'mon, what are you waiting for...Sign the petition!

Check out what other Bloggers are doing below and why not blog about it too? 

So here's the idea from Mothers always Right: 
*Share a picture of your child covered in food eating beautifully on your blog. 
*Then ask your readers to sign the petition asking for David Cameron to support the Charter to End Extreme Hunger. 
*Tweet about it, using the #66Cities hashtag. 
*If you want to, come back and link your post here.

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  1. Brilliant post - and such good news to get a letter back from your MP. If more and more of us keep shouting about it hopefully someone will listen. x



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