Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Gallery - Christmas Past

Christmas past is a strange one for me, its full to the brim of Happy memories but it also reminds me of the people who are no longer with us. My Mum, Aunt Toot, My Grandparents and my Nan who we recently lost in September. 

 (Aunt Toot, Auntie Margaret, Nan & my Youngest Brother)

Nan, Grandad & Aunt Toot spent every Christmas with us up until we lost Aunt Toot, Grandad then Mum. After Mum passed our family just kind of evaporated. Mum was the anchor, the one that kept the family together. Her Brothers and Sister were important to her...she loved them all and always made sure that her kids had regular contact with them. Christmas time being the biggest get together, everyone gathered at Mums place.
(Grandad, My second son & Me 1991)

Mum was the most disorganised person you could ever meet at Christmas time - never putting the tree up before Christmas Eve or remembering where she had hidden the presents or if there was a Turkey buried at the bottom of the freezer that she had possibly purchased weeks before. 

 (Mum & my youngest Brother)

People were just drawn to her and our home. People loved her and she loved them back with all her heart. Her genuine love for her family and Friends, her warmth and funny disorganised way put people at ease. Our home was a place everyone could relax as kids were allowed to be kids and run wild with all their cousins.

Christmas past - A Time to be Forever Remembered and Cherished!

Happy Christmas to you all!

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  1. Haven't seen you around for a while Mama. Guess you've been busy like all of us. A lovely story. We lost my Mother-in-law this Wednesday just gone. Our Christmas is a little quieter and sadder than normal but we're all putting on a brave face for the kids and remembering the good times, like you. Merry Christmas Mama Syder and catch you around in the New Year!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  2. Sounds wonderful x I'll be sure to think of you & yours when we make our toast on Christmas day xx Feel free to join us, I've put it on my blog xx

  3. Lovely photo's.... sending you a big Christmas hug :) x

  4. How lovely that your mum kept the whole family together. And what lovely pictures.
    My family - and so many others I've heard of - are split by arguments, grudges, etc. My mum's brother and sister don't speak to her, so I missed out on relationships with cousins and their families. All because of petty squabbles. There are so many of my husband's family I've never met because his parents don't speak to their siblings.
    No matter what my boys do to each other, I will do my best to prevent these kinds of rifts, and would hope to keep our family together in the way your mother did.
    It's a special gift that's not to be underestimated x



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