Friday, 11 November 2011

Today is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Twenty two years ago today I walked down the aisle with Papa. We were teenagers, I was pregnant and lots of people thought we wouldn't last. We proved them wrong and I'm more in love with my husband now than I have ever been. 

I remember our big day like it was yesterday. Mum was running around like a headless chicken and I was so nervous I actually thought I was going to be sick. In fact Papa was sick outside the church. Bless him, he was only eighteen, very shy and terrified...poor sod. 

Our 22 years together have been a bit of a roller coaster ride, even separating for a short period of time but we worked hard to make our marriage work and now we are enjoying the benefits of our determination to stay together. 

We are now at a place of complete and utter love, comfort and security. We look back at our time together with our four children with hearts full of happiness. Now we are Grandparents, we really enjoy being together as a couple watching our next generation grow. It is a feeling of real contentment.

We made it... through the good times and the bad. Sometimes they really were bad, sometimes unbearable and sometimes our hearts were broken but we knew that underneath it all we were made for each other.

So Happy Anniversary to the man who is perfect...Perfect for me. Lets have many more happy years together.

We celebrated our anniversary by heading off to centre parcs for a few days. It was where we had our first holiday together back in 1988.

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  1. Happy anniversary! And what lovely photos - thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Thanks so much, the years have really flown x

  3. oh what a lovely post! Happy anniversary to you, I hope that I'll be writing one simular in 10 years time (although it'll be a anniversary without the wedding seems as me n ta other half still haven't married!) its lovely when people work through tough times and stick together and that has always been my aim and me and my other half have had some real tough times as well but we're still here together and I hope when we have grandchildren we will be like you and enjoy being together that bit more :) x

  4. Happy anniversary Mama Syder! Wow, 22 years! I'm only half that. A long way to go!

    Anne xx

  5. What a lovely post. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Hope you have many more x

  6. Happy Anniversary! Soon be your Silver! We celebrate 8 years in Dec, but has we got married straight away, we'd be 25 years married this Sept.
    The photos are lovely - you look so beautiful and handsome respectively in both!

  7. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your lovely comments. We had a lovely day Thankyou x
    And Sky-blu - Wow, you have been together a long time too! Haven't the years passed by so fast...It just doesn't feel like its been 22 yrs x

  8. Happy anniversary! And what a perfect day to celebrate. 11/11/11 for your 22nd.

  9. Happy (belated) Anniversary. Congrats on achieving what others said couldn't be done. You are both amongst the few that realize marriage isn't easy and takes constant work and commitment. We got married fresh out of Uni at 21 (we had been together since we were 14) and were also told it wouldn't work. 19 years next week - and we survived 3 weeks together in Alaska :-).

  10. Thanks ISWTG & Libby and Congrats to you too Libby...It does take a lot of work, Happy anniversary to you too xxx



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