Friday, 4 November 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

I've been going through a really rough couple of months. My five brothers and I have been badly let down by some family members who we thought really cared about our well being. It is devastating when you discover that people you hold in high regard turn out not to be who you thought. I can't even begin to express to you how broken my heart feels...It will take a long time to get over so at the moment I really need Michelle's #R2BC to keep me positive. 

1) I won a bloggers garden makeover competition today and I'm so thrilled...It really has lifted my spirits. I have won two tickets to the Chelsea flower show next year and a whole day with the Daily Telegraphs gardening expert Helen Yemm. I'm so so thrilled.

2) We had a super Halloween. I love it when the kids get all excited and start planning what they want to wear for Trick or Treat, make decorations and carve the pumpkins. The past two years we have made a mooning pumpkin man. He is so much fun and we always get lots of finger pointing and many laughs from passers by. Last year we even had strangers in cars pulling up outside and taking photos of him. great fun...Halloween always brings a smile to my face.

3) We had our Granddaughter staying with us for half term up until Monday night and she always brings me so much Joy and makes all our lives complete. We adore her...she is bright, beautiful and hilarious. Of course she keeps us on our toes...what five year old doesn't! I'm exhausted by the time she goes home...but its a good exhausted and having her in our lives is a fabulous feeling.

Check out everyone Else's reasons for being cheerful this week (Its being hosted by Em over at A matter of Choice) and have a lovely Weekend x


  1. Those are excellent reasons to be cheerful! I am new to your blog but I will not be a stranger! You lifted my spirits with that picture of the mooning-pumpkin-man! haha! That is so great, I can't wait to show my friends and family!

    Keep on blogging and winning cool stuff! Your yard looks great! :-)

  2. First, many hearty congratulations on winning the garden competition - I'm delighted for you! Second, you have turned the corner now with all the lovely positive things that have happened recently - look to the present and future generations for love and support; your wonderful close family are all you need.

  3. I know how gut-wrenching it can be to be let down by a family member and to realise you never knew the real them at all. Have just gone through that with my brother and still finding it hard to come to terms with that so sending empathetic hugs your way. Halloween mooner is super-fab and that competition prize sounds amazing. Keep smiling.

  4. Well done! I have been watching that garden competition in awe of the people who put an effort in - our garden is a shambles!

  5. hey emma, well done for winning the garden competition, your efforts really paid off, and I'm sure you and the family will really enjoy the garden next summer.
    granddaughters are really what life is all about, aren't they? our genes that we send off into the future, long may she lighten your heart,
    your heart may have been broken by your thoughtless family member, but loads of your friends are here to help mend it for you x x x x



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