Thursday, 24 November 2011

Paintballing in Center Parcs

Center Parcs is a place to chill but its also a place to thrill! The boys (and our Teenage daughter) were keen to have a bash at paintballing, although to be honest after spending the night before in the Leisure bowl bar the boys took a bit of persuading to get their butts out of bed and make their way over to the Outdoor Activity centre for our 11am booking. However, by the end of the activity they were all really glad they did it.

On arrival the staff took everyone's names and showed them where to keep their stuff. The centre has vending machines for hot/cold drinks and snacks. There are also WC's.

They were then kitted out in a jumpsuit, issued with protective equipment and given target practice at the firing range. 

Before being let loose on the firing range they were all taken into the briefing room and given instruction.

There were approx 30 other paintballers booked in for the same session and they were split into two teams. Red and blue teams were supplied with 200 paintballs each sent down opposite ends of the paintball area in the woods where they basically shot at each other.

I was safely tucked away behind the public viewing screen although to be honest a few years ago I would have been taking part. I'm just not fit enough at the moment, it is a very physical activity and they did finish up dripping in sweat but they were all totally exhilarated afterwards as the chatted happily about their paintball session.

Paintballing at Center Parcs is £20 each for an hour and a half session and participants must be aged 14+. Each person is issued with 200 paintballs, more paintballs are available at an extra cost of £7.50 per 100. Our group made their 200 last them for the whole session, they tell me this isn't that difficult to do if you don't get too trigger happy.

I asked them if the paintballs hurt when they got hit? They all said yes and were left with a bruise the next morning but would they do it again? Definitely!

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  1. Love your posts on center parks, the photos are brilliant, we've never been but maybe I will try it looks exsactly our sort of holiday :)



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