Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lite Sprites Review

Have you seen the advert on TV for Lite Brights? Its one of those ad's that is really magical and leaves you wandering if the toy really is as good as it looks on TV. Sometimes you buy stuff because it looks so cool on the advert only to get it home and its a real disappointment. We have all done it at some point haven't we and it can end up costing us a small fortune. However, with the Lite Brights you wont be wasting your money, in fact it is so good that Papa and I actually think its the best girls toy we have seen in a long time.

Our five (nearly six) year old Granddaughter absolutely loves it and even wants us to add to the collection for Christmas, she has not stopped playing with it since we gave it to her.

So after the initial unpacking of the tree of lite, Lite sprite dolls and Lite wand (which is a little time consuming and needed Daddy's help) we were set up and ready to go. As everything began to light up and  magical sounds began to emerge there were lots of ohhh's and ahhhh's and lots of smiley faces. 

So what's it all about? Well basically the Tree of Lite shares colour with the Lite sprites and other play sets and also receives colour from the Lite sprites and Lite wand.

Packaged with the Lite wand you get a Lite Sprite called Prisma and she is the leader of the Sprite Sisterhood, there are four other Lite sprites to collect Astra, Meadow, Brooke and lastly a naughty one called Bleak who steals colour from the other Sprites.  The Lite wand enables your child to share colourful light with all their sprites and their world. 

On the tree of lite there is a working elevator, spinning treetop that will play magical music , share colourful patterns and the Lite sprites  can be hooked on to by their forest pods.
Other accessories to collect are Lite pets, a windmill, waterfall, swing and flower. The whole collection is a little pricey but both Papa and I agree its worth every penny.

A beautiful new collection of interactive dolls which use and share colour and light to create a wonderful and magical playtime (from £14.99 rrp)
Prisma comes with working Lite Wand that casts coloured light, picks up new colours to share and play games (£29.99 rrp)
Tree of Lite Playset - hang the Sprites in the canopy and spin for colourful lit-up display and sound; includes night light feature (£39.99 rrp)
Suitable for children from around 4 to 8 years old

*This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.  My opinion is entirely my own.


  1. My younger niece, age 7, would love these! Do you know if they are available in Australia?

  2. My youngest who is a boy loved these. I was a big flower fairy fan as a child and think it rubbed off on him :) x

  3. Sky blu - I'm not sure but I'll find out for you x
    Susan - My boys in their 20's think they are cool too. We are all really impressed here x



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