Saturday, 5 November 2011

Garden Makeover Competition - In Memory of Mum

As you know I won the Bosch Gardening Makeover competition. For the past two months Papa and I have worked our butts off trying to create a nice area for our children to play and enjoy wildlife. I think we achieved what we set out to do and I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much for all your votes. I know some of you voted like crazy and even asked your personal friends to vote for me as well. Of course a big Thank you to Bosch, Coblands Nurseries and GreenThumb for providing  tools, plants and lawn care.

I have decided to donate my prize of two  Chelsea Flower show tickets and a day with the Daily Telegraphs Helen Yemm to St Helena's Hospice in Colchester, Essex. My lovely mum spent her last days at the hospice back in 2006 and the joy she received from the Hospice garden was immense. My Lovely Nan Grace also spent her last days there back in 1991. They have beautiful grounds at the hospice and the staff are second to none.

 (Mum - Our Last Christmas together)

I just know the patients at St Helena's will get more from this prize than anyone else and I hope that it will bring a few smiles to them during such a difficult time.

Me and my five Brothers, (pictured below with my Aunt Jill) who I'm sure wont mind me speaking for will be eternally grateful to the devoted, hardworking, loving, caring staff at St Helena's. We would have been lost without you all. Thank you x


  1. Congratulations again, and what a wonderful idea to donate the CFS tickets - flowers and beautiful horticulture are sure to brighten up their day, and will be a fantastic memorable experience!

  2. congratulations!! and how lovely to donate your prize :) xxxxx

  3. Thanks Ladies, the hospice does so much good and relies on donations...I just hope it helps out a little xxx

  4. I'm in no doubt that the Hospice do an amazing job and will enjoy this prize but I actually dont think this is necessarily a good thing giving the prize away. You got people to vote for you taking the prize from someone else who had worked so hard on their garden, and you arent even going to use it! Really the prize should go to the person who came second as you don't want it.

  5. Hi Anon, Thanks for your comment.

    I also worked very hard on my garden and its not that I dont want or appreciate the prize. I have always wanted to go to the Chelsea flower show , however I still have time in my life to do that...some people in the hospice dont have the luxury of time.

    By donating this prize to the hospice it will benefit not just two people but many. The work that the hospice do for others during a very uncertain time in their lives is totally selfless. They rely on donations to keep them afloat and a lot of people who are facing their last days rely on them to keep them and their families going.

    If you have ever lost somebody you love and they had spent their last days in a hospice I think you might understand.

  6. Hi Mama S,
    I voted for ur wonderful garden and I would not change my vote because u have donated YOUR prize to such a worthy charity! I think wat u have done is so thoughtful, heartfelt, honest and u can certainly hold ur head up ! The competition was based on a garden make over NOT 'greedy eyes' on the prize! U go Mama !! Hold ur head up ! Uve made a wonderful gesture with the tickets! Don't let anyone tell u otherwise!!

  7. I think what you've done is a beautiful idea! It is thoughtful and selfless! One of the nicest things I've heard of! You're mum would be so proud, as we all are of you!! Xxx


    Hi Mama Syder,
    I think what you have done with your prize is a wonderful thing, from the heart, and no i do not think it should have been given to the person who came secound, you have also worked hard on your garden, so therefor you won the prize and its yours to do with as you see fit!!!! Hey if you win the lottery i hope im in secound place, if all people felt like that id be RICH!!!!!

  9. Well done Mama!
    Firstly, huge congratulations for winning your prize! I read with great interest on Facebook and look forward to the updates. I also voted for your garden. What you have done is a selfless and charitable thing. It is so obviously close to your heart and I can only wish there were more people in society like you and alot less like ANON and boy would the world be a much nicer place! I have two friends currently suffering from the damned disease and I know how proud they would both be of you too. So ANON, think before you comment and don't be so selfish!!! Well done Mama!!

  10. Congratulations on winning the competition! It's such a generous thing to donate your prize, the work that hospices do is wonderful. And to the person who left the anonymous (of course) comment about you donating the prize - seriously? Shush.

  11. Thanks Ladies,

    I really appreciate your lovely comments. I know in my heart that giving the prize to the hospice is the right thing to do and I'm very shocked that 'Anon' doesn't agree, but hey it takes all kinds doesn't it, everyone is entitled to their opinion...maybe a spot of voluntary work at a hospice would open their eyes. Thanks again xxx

  12. I don't want this to turn into a heated debate, but this blog invites comments and I left my comments. What I would like to do though is clear up the fact that I am not nor do I even know the runner up as implied in Hayley's comment and feel this is very unfair to the runner up as she has nothing to do with me or my opinion. Unless you can prove such a claim I think it's a dangerous thing to start implying that.

    I simply voted in good faith. I think the hospice benefiting from the prize is a wonderful thing, and I don't for a minute under estimate the work they do but I think it should have been clear what people were voting for, that's all.

  13. Anon - Firstly I welcome all opinions, Secondly Hayley has not implied that you are the person in 2nd place. If read her comment again she simply thinks that you come across as a selfish person.

    Not one person who commented on this post has implied that you are the runner up.

    Thank you.

  14. I took 'ANON and boy' to mean that. So why does Hayley think there should be less people like 'me and the boy' ??

  15. Anon - Please read Hayley's comment again...slowly. She is saying 'and boy would the world be a much nicer place!' Its a common expression that people use.

    Again, Thank you.

  16. Dear Anonymous,
    Anon is short for anonymous, "boy the world would be a nicer place" Is a common saying, so how on earth have you come to the conclusion that anyone is implying you are a runner up? Are you reading the same comment as the rest of us? The syders WON this competition fair and square, i voted for the syders garden as i thought it was the BEST, so what they choose to do with there prize is there affaire. The Syders welcome anyone to comment on there blog and everyone is entitled to there own opinion, how on earth you can make a comment like you have and not think other people would find it outrageous and want to give there opinion ( your comment....."dont want to start a heated debate")i really dont know. By saying "people should know what there voting for" does this mean you would not vote on a competition if you knew the prize would be given to a charitable cause? Thats awful.....To sum things up anonymous nobody is implying anything "dangerous" and we are also entitled to our own opinion. I think you should read Hayleys comment more carefully.........

  17. Dear Mama S!!
    Shaken and not stired!! LOL !!
    I find it VERY curious that 'Anon' brought up 'I am not nor do I even know the runner up as implied'??
    Who implied?
    Hayley.. NO?
    So be it 'dangerous to imply' is really talking 'out of ones backside'!! If anyone 'aplied' 'Anon' did! I work for a law firm and this will not stand up in court-Sorry Anon
    Anon yes this is a free to speak blog but you should always think before you speak!

  18. My comment seems to have disappeared?

    I just wanted to say congratulations for winning and donating the prize is a fantastic thing to do. Having lost three grandparents to cancer and have my father battle it twice in five years, I know that the prize will be really appreciated.

    Well done!

  19. Hi Boy and Me, I have no idea what happened to your previous comment...It shows up in my email notifications (Blogger probably playing up again). Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear about your experiences with cancer...its an awful disease x



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