Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Gift ideas for kids...

I love Russian dolls and one of my Brothers gave me a set as a gift from Prague. I treasure them and the kids love them too. They always get them down from their little spot on my shelf and play with them so when I was asked if I'd like to review a paint your own Russian dolls set I was more than happy to give them a try.

My eleven year old spotted the box sitting on the table when she arrived home from school and her face lit up.
"Oh Mum, Are these for me?" She didn't even change out of her uniform as she opened the box and began painting.

My eleven year old really liked this craft set although she did complain that the brush is a little too thick for the smaller dolls but if you have an old lip brush this is perfect for the finer detailing.

The Russian dolls are very reasonably priced at £13.49 (although are currently on special offer for £12.99) so would make an ideal Christmas gift for any child who likes painting and crafts.

Its worth having a look at the  website as they have a great range of gifts perfect for Christmas and they also have good regular special offers. A few suggestions I have are:
Deep Space Home Planetarium - £ 29.99 - Great if you know a kid who loves science, space, planets and stars. 
Metal Detector Robot - £17.99 - This is the sort of kit my boys would have loved when they were a bit younger, although I think girls would like it too.
National Trust Natural Paints Kit - £16.49 - Great idea if you have any nature lovers who love art that you want to buy for. Good for boys or girls.
Make Your Own Perfume Kit - £15.49 - I love perfume making kits mainly because they take me back to my childhood and the days when I'd fill up empty lemonade bottles with rose petal and water. Things have advanced a little nowadays.

*The Russian Dolls were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have received no financial reward and as a family we always give our honest opinion.*


  1. Love this lots! I collect russian dolls and my step daughter is an 8 year old little artist so this is a great afternoon crafty session for us to do together!! :)

  2. They are fab and if you collect Russian dolls you & your step Daughter will really like them x

  3. How sweet! I love Matroushka dolls - have a few. Your daughter has painted them beautifully!

  4. Thanks Sky-blu, I have often thought about collecting them too because I love all the different designs that are available x



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