Monday, 21 November 2011

Center Parcs new style woodland lodges & Winter Wonderland

The Syders have been visiting these Parcs since 1988 and to say we love it is an understatement, so this post is for anyone who is thinking of going and would like a guided tour around the new style woodland lodges. Over the next week I'll be writing about some of the activities available too.

My Mum introduced us to these holidays back in the late eighties, as she found their parcs the perfect getaway for our large family of six kids, all ranging in age from 17 (me) down to my baby brother who was only a few months old the first time we visited (Center Parcs is very family orientated). What she liked about it was that we all loved our holidays there, even with the big age gaps, there was something for everyone of us, all six kids were happy. The same can be said of today and the past twenty one years we have been bringing our four kids here and now our Granddaughter.  

One of the things that make Center Parcs so great is the accommodation. In our experience the villa's are always exceptionally clean, modern and well equipped. The only fault we can ever recall in the past twenty odd years is one of the bedroom door handles being broken.

The villa's are very sympathetically situated amongst the natural surroundings of the forest and the large windows make perfect viewing points for wildlife. Waking up to the stunning woodland scenery and wildlife is just such a pleasure. Anyone who has been on holiday here knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Our recent stay was in the new style woodland lodges at Elevden for our 22nd wedding anniversary and they are basically modernised comfort villas. When we first arrived it was like arriving at Center Parcs for the first time ever, and throughout our stay I kept repeating "Ohhhh I love what they have done with these villas." The new interior design is by Tara Bernerd, and the villa's were great before but the modernisation is such a fab improvement.

We spent our stay in a four bedroom lodge so we had two toilets, a bathroom with bath and overhead shower and a shower room. Both bathrooms have heated towel rails which is very convenient for not just drying your towels but for hanging wet swimming gear on too. 

There is a large cleaning cupboard with boiler, ironing board, iron, cot and high chair. There is also a hoover, broom, mop and bucket if you should need it. We were also provided with towels which we found a real bonus and saved us lugging loads of towels on holiday with us

The bedrooms are really well designed and we all agree that the pillows and bedding are really comfy, infact I want to know if I can purchase their bedding as the quality of the duvet covers is really lovely. All rooms have a hairdyer, plenty of wardrobe space and the main bedroom had a TV, which we found very handy, although to be honest we didn't watch that much telly while we were away (I even missed my soaps all week...shock, horror!)

The open plan living area is just as before but the new furniture is much more comfy and I love the new decor.

In the lounge are we had comfy sofa's, open fire, TV with DVD and Cd player

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook a meal... Oven, microwave, pots, pans etc and even includes a dish washer...Result!

We also love the giant chalk board, such a great idea and I want one at home now...more work for Papa!

Center Parcs is a great family holiday and I love the new Winter Wonderland theme that runs from 11th November through to 23rd December. There was lovely Christmas lights all around the village square, Real reindeers for the kids to pet, santa in his grotto, a fabulous fireworks display where santa made an appearance on a speedboat and a relaxing Horse & carriage ride through the woods.

It definately got us in the mood for Christmas!


  1. We're off to Elveden Forest in a couple of weeks for our third Christmas in a row (and I think fifth family trip overall), we love it there! We've upgraded to a larger villa this time after a new addition to the family, and I think it may be one of these villas, so thank you very much for the great and useful review! It really is a great place for families (although I do feel that some of the activities can be rather overpriced).

    Were the singing reindeer still there?! I hope so!

  2. Hi Jen, Yes the singing reindeer are still there...Fab aren't they! Thanks for your comment, the new lodges are really great x

  3. We had one of these lodges five years ago - my son still regales us with stories of how I cycled him around in the trailer! Fab holiday.

  4. What a fab weekend away! I've never been to Centre Parcs myself, but I've always heard wonderful reports from friends that have. Thanks for your comments on my teddy blog - he belongs to my mother really, but I'm allowed to look after him now! I will try the questions - looks fun!

  5. Hey Mama, I have just answered the meme - great fun! I have tagged my sister to have a go.

  6. Thank you for this review - I haven't been but it's on the list and this level of detail about what's available is very helpful & encouraging! A holiday without a dishwasher isn't such a holiday...

  7. We're big CenterParcs fans, I think they're great places if you want to keep lots of different ages amused and happy. Would love to go for Christmas, the children have been begging me to spend Christmas there!

  8. We stayed in one of these Woodland villas at Sherwood CenterParcs. The villa was as lovely as you describe. Extremely comfy beds and the blackboard was a big hit with the kids and the adults.



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