Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Center Parcs An Outing with Owls

Meet Kieth mutton, Phoenix Bird Control falconer, he performs birds of prey demonstrations at Center Parcs, Elveden. We spent a fantastic morning with him during our recent stay getting up close & personal with a variety of owls and special guests (falcons).

Keith trains these magnificent creatures to work for the Royal Airforce as part of their bird aircraft strike hazard program. I didn't realize that regular birds pose a threat to local aircraft when they strike them at high speeds causing damage to aircraft, engines and people. So Keith's birds of prey are trained to ward off the birds by chasing them away from the airfield.

When intruding birds spot Keith's Owls, Falcons and Hawks they flee for the safety and cover of trees away from the flat areas of the airfield. The aim is not to kill the intruders but to simply frighten them away.

Keith gives an interesting and informative demonstration

And encourages everyone to take part

Leaving us all totally awe struck by these beautiful birds.

Would we recommend this activity at Center Parcs?
Hell yeah!

Its an experience you will never forget!

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  1. I love birds of prey - all birds really, but especially these - barn owls, hobbies and kites in particular. They have started using them at the bus station at Heathrow as pest control; better than rat poison.



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