Thursday, 27 October 2011

Preparing your lawn for the winter

During the summer months our lawns take quite a battering what with the kids running up and down, the dog trying to dig it up wherever she can get away with and the general wear and tear of me being busy out there. As part of the Bosch garden makeover competition I have just had an Autumn/winter lawn treatment carried out by GreenThumb and I must say their customer service was fabulous. My local office is South Chelmsford and they were really great.

The lovely lad who visited me explained exactly what he would be doing and set to work. The treatment literally took him ten minutes as he sprayed the treatment onto my lawn. Green thumb recommend four treatments per year spring, early summer, late summer and the treatment I had Autumn/winter.

As you can see my lawn is in pretty desperate need for a treatment and to be honest I had never thought to have someone out to do it before as I'm a keen gardener but prices are so reasonable starting from £13 a treatment depending on, of course on the size of lawn, that I will be using Green Thumb again. For me to go out and buy a lawn treatment to do myself would have cost me more than that.

My treatment today consisted of a micro nutrient feed which basically prepares the lawn for the winter months ahead, turning my lawn lovely, green and healthy. I was told that the moss will die back allowing my grass to breathe and grow back. Come spring all I might need to do is sprinkle a little seed to help the grass get going again, which anyone who has sprinkled grass seed before knows how quick and easy it is to grow.

So all I need to do now is keep the kids and the dog off the lawn for an hour and wait for the results, which I should notice within a couple of weeks.

I just have a few more minor jobs in the garden to complete ready for the competition which ends on 31st October 2011 and I'll be revealing my new woodland area. I've worked really hard with the help of Papa,  GreenThumb, Bosch lawn & garden and Coblands Nurseries and I really hope you will like what I've done and vote for me.

I'll leave you with a little reminder of the garden before and next week I'll reveal the after...

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  1. Hope you win.

    Our lawn is more moss and weeds than lawn now - we had good quality lawn laid when we had it landscaped a few years back and it's terrible now! Not sure if it is past redemption!

    Our poor neighbour has had a badger coming into his garden keep pulling up lots of his lawn to find bugs to eat!!!!!



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