Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Dining Suite Makeover

As the kids are growing my older two and their friends are all one by one turning twenty one and earlier this year one of the friends who we are really very fond of popped over to our house during his big birthday weekend. Of course we couldn't let the lad leave without giving him cake and candles.

I took this photo and as I looked at it I realised how drab my little dining corner is. Our house isn't very big, infact its quite tiny but I love it as its an oldish house, full of charactor and quirky corners. In our previous house we had a dining room with a huge chunky six seater table  and when we moved in here I was keen to keep a dining area no matter how small. I knew our best option would be a corner bench set but they can be quite pricey so I spent months looking out for one on ebay. Then I spotted this one for £40 and although it looked more suited to a British Rail waiting room I knew it had great potential.

I picked some fabric that I knew would fit in nicely with my sofa which is red and white gingham. Twill is a good hard wearing fabric and a bargain at a fiver a metre. I purchased six metres which left enough to also make some matching curtains for my little window.

The covers were really simple to make although gluing the fabric to the backs of the seats proved to be quite a challenge and I did need Papa's help by getting him to hold the fabric while I smoothed it all out.

I had some rosali fabric left over from when I shortened my lounge curtains and thought it perfect for cushions to cosy the corner up. I love the look a tablecloth gives to a dining table but in my busy house I'm washing them everyday so I invested in a polka dot oilcloth for the table. Its so perfect because it looks lovely and I just give it a quick wipe over after each meal and was only £15.

I still have a few ideas for this corner as I want some book shelves and pictures on the wall but I'm very pleased with my bargain makeover.


  1. Oh Mama Syder! I love this makeover. It's very similar to the one you did in the caravan. I love it! Love the red and white. Thanks for stopping by. Its hard not to get caught up in the Christmas stuff. My daughter is learning all about Christmas in other cultures this term. I do really love it though!

    Great to see you stop by. (I still read your blog every day. Just don't have much time to comment all the time. xx)

    Anne xx

  2. It looks lovely, you are v clever - I wouldn't know how to set about reupholstering chairs. I like the corner unit and would love something similar. At the mo I am looking for fabric to make a door curtain for the back, I hope I find a bargain similar to your £5 a metre!
    Sam x

  3. That makeover is amazing.

    I didn't realise you can still buy oilcloth - great idea!!!

  4. well done emma, it looks brilliant xx



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