Monday, 24 October 2011

Magpie Monday - A Wall Montage

Not sure if you remember that I've been collecting frames and pictures from the charity shop to make up a wall montage in my bedroom. Well, I collected all the frames I needed which just left an old mirror which I spotted a couple of weeks ago for a fiver.It finishes the montage of lovely.

Even though the bedroom montage is finished I'm still collecting a few more pictures for other montages I want to make. I got this old 50/60's one for a pound.

I have now painted the frame white and it looks really nice...what do you think?

Do you remember these wooden bowls from the 70's? Most of our Mums had one and I spotted this one for a pound. I have plans for it out in the garden as a toadstool. I'll show you that when I've finished.

I am thrilled to be a guest blogger today over at @violetposy fabulous Thrifty Christmas website here where I show you how to make snowman soup. A Christmas treat that is really easy to make and was sooooo popular with all recipients last year. Everyone was asking me to make them one. There are some great thrifty ideas over there. You'll love it!

And don't forget to pop over to Me and my Shadow and check out all the other bargains that Lizzie's Magpies have found.

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  1. Your photo wall looks great!

    I want to do something like this but I'd never know how/where to hammer the nails in!

    Thanks for linking up - intrigued to see your finished toadstool!

  2. That looks great!Love the painted frame too, and can't wait to see the toadstool. We hung last week's thrifted mirror, and some thrifted pictures, in our bedroom over the weekend!

  3. The wall of pictures is looking good and am intrigued to see your dip tray to toadstool makeover!

  4. I can't believe how the flowers pop since you painted the brown frame white. What a difference. I have never painted a frame but you have inspired me to give it a go. Love the photo wall. Great post.

  5. The white frame looks great, really lifts the painting. I would never have thought to do that! I love the mirror. My mum has one that shape with the painted crinoline lady on it. I love to find myself one the same.

  6. Love the photo frame! Amazing how different it looks! Will have to start looking out for interesting frames :) @goriami

  7. Very Nice! Love the mirror:-)



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