Monday, 17 October 2011

Magpie Monday - Christmas Tea

Not long now until the big man with the beard is here so I've been on the look out for bits and bobs for the Christmas table.

I spotted a couple of Christmas plates that I'll be hanging on the wall when its time to put my decorations up. I love this Charles Dickens winter scene and the quote that goes with it
"You shall hold your places in our Christmas hearts and by our Christmas fires"
I'll probably hang this one over by the fireplace.

And I love this snowy scene, it will be perfect in my kitchen.

I've been keeping my eye open for a smallish teapot especially for my green tea leaves. This one is just the right size. I love it.
I got all three for £4.

Linking up to Magpie Monday over at Lizzie's Place.


  1. Gorgeous finds. I'm starting to feel all festive!

  2. Arghhh! You've freaked me out about Christmas a bit LOL!

    I ADORE your teapot - I want to come round for tea :0)

    Thanks for liking up x

  3. some lovely finds there, I love that teapot, it has a very unique look about it :)

  4. I love the teapot - the shape, the colour and the handle. I might even learn to enjoy drinking tea if I had a teapot like that!

  5. Ooh you know I like a nice plate. These will look really nice and festive at Chritmas!!

  6. Love the snow scene on the plate wonderful. And i really like the teapot really different! x

  7. Lovely! The teapot is especially gorgeous! Just right for green tea because it has a cute Japanese look about it.

  8. You have given me the perfect excuse to go looking for more things for Christmas. Of yours, I like the blue and white one best



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