Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Listography - Top five Keyword searches

This weeks Listography is an interesting one and its quite surprising what keyword searches bring people to our blogs. So my top five are:

1) Chester Bennington - Chester is number one. I've mentioned him a few times on my blog as most of you know if I hadn't have met Papa I would have been Chester's wife...don't laugh, I'm totally serious...please don't spoil the fantasy. The post that fellow Chester fans end up at is actually another one of Kate's famous fives, The Laminated List. I'm sure they wouldn't have been disappointed with the image that greeted them as they landed on the page.

2) Westminster Abbey - When I wrote my tips for watching the Royal wedding post it was just a bit of fun because I was a bit obsessed with the wedding and so was very excited for the big day. It still attracts visitors to my blog now, there are obviously a lot of William & Kate fans out there. The post is here.

3) Biatch Meaning - Well, this one did surprise me, in fact I couldn't even remember what post I might of even mentioned the word biatch but I did and its here.

4) Retro caravan - I'm glad this one is in there as I do love my Bertha and I hope whoever lands on my blog when searching for retro caravans like her too. The post is here.

5) Amy Winehouse is dead - I think the loss of Amy Winehouse was so tragic and heartbreaking. I feel so sad for her family and all the people who loved her. The album Back to Black was my companion during a difficult period in my life so I'm devastated that we have lost such a talented young person. The post is here.

Pop over to Kate's place for more Key word listography's.


  1. great list, and just popped over to take a look at Bertha! wow how fab :) x

  2. Oh I do love Bertha! Maybe you and Chester should drive off into the sunset in her!

  3. AH some good keywords! Couldn't take part this week as i dont have any keywords being so new! Love Bertha!

  4. Hi Mama Syder. I'm not sure who Chester Bennington is but I'll look him up. I love Bertha too. She's just beautiful!

    Anne xx



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