Monday, 3 October 2011

Listography - Five worst jobs I've done

This weeks Listography over at Kate's place is quite an easy one for me as I've had quite a few jobs that I hated.

1)Fish and Chip shop - I was looking for a Saturday job when a school friend suggested a local chippy who were looking for part time staff. I made my way down there and the owner started me straight away. I was chuffed although my happiness was very short lived because the sleazy owner, a guy in his forties kept pinching my bum, puckering up his lips and asking me for  "kisses please". Lets just say I didn't return for my next shift...yikes!

2) When I left school I decided that I wanted to work with animals and my local YTS sent me along to a poodle parlour just down the road from where I lived. The supervisor looked like Barbie and had a pink poodle, I was fascinated by her and was keen to learn all about dog grooming. I very quickly learnt that the job is not at all as glamorous as my new supervisor looked. I had constant hairs in my eyes, grumpy dogs who smelt and was horrified to discover that I was expected to wash pooey dog bums. I was very put out by this although I did stick it out for a few weeks...Yuk!

3) Another Saturday job I had was in a shoe shop. A lot of the girls from school worked there and the pay was really good but the main attraction was that they took girls on before they had turned 15. My first day was good, I enjoyed the job although I thought the supervisor was a bit bossy and after a few weeks I realised the supervisor wasn't just bossy she was a bully. The supervisor would embarrass me in front of the other girls every week until I could take no more and I ended up telling her to shove her job where the sun don't shine...Awful!

4) Delivering Betterware in London - Twenty years ago we moved to an area of East London for twelve months that was a little on the rough, no actually what I mean to say is that it was like living in a war zone. Almost daily police raids were being taken out on the house that backed onto us, a guy round the corner to us was shot outside his front door, the lady across the road was set on fire at the bus stop simply because she was Asian and then the worst thing ever imaginable happened...a ten year old boy was kidnapped and murdered. It really was a hell hole but regardless of this I needed to earn a few bob so delivered Betterware brochures. Thing is, no one would open their front doors and would speak to you through the letterbox. Lets just say I didn't earn a penny.

5) A laundry in London - This job was so dismal. The money was very good but the job was really horrible. Conditions were very hot and very noisy. The day dragged on and on and on and on. I hated every second of being there. Best word to describe this job is Boring!

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  1. You've had a interesting array of obs. My sister in law has a bischon (not sure how to spell it) and she dyes it's tail and ears pink. Poor little thing.

  2. So many bullying bosses - so glad I never had to deal with that. Glad you got to stick 2 fingers up at her!

  3. Ooh had totally forgotten about Dolcis! And now I want some chips.



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