Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's my 3rd Blog Birthday and I nearly missed it!

On the 13th (lucky for some) of this month it was my 3rd blog birthday. I'm a bit late remembering and was prompted to check when exactly my blogoversary was after reading a few other blogs who were celebrating theirs this week.

So back in October 2008 I started my blog. We were living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, North Devon in a tiny fisherman's cottage that backed on to the River Torridge. The view from my bedroom was absolutely breathtaking.

I loved living there. The peace, the quiet, the friendly locals in the village, the safety, the twit twoo of our neighbours owl sending us off to sleep each night, the complete darkness as night fell with no street lamps, the view from my window appearing different every time I peered out as the weather constantly changed. I loved the pure and natural beauty of my surroundings and most of all I loved the beach.

I began blogging while I was there as a way to keep a record of the lovely place I lived. I had lost my Mum two years before and I wanted needed a place where I could keep her memory alive and talk about her as much as I pleased. 

I've always expressed myself creatively whether it be writing, drawing, sewing, cross stitch, crochet, gardening or photography. I'm not the greatest at expressing myself verbally and find it much easier to write so my blog has quite often been a form of therapy for me. I have said many times throughout my life that if I couldn't be creative I'd go barmy. Every time I write a personal post, I reflect and my mind begins to figure stuff out. Stuff that would send me around the twist if I didn't release it. Once off my chest I feel a huge sense of relief.

My blog is also a memory keeper for my kids and in years to come they can read it and remember lots of things that they might have forgotten. I love to read back on my earlier posts and see how much my blogging has improved in three years. I didn't have a clue what I was doing back then and we didn't have the huge UK parenting blogging community that we have now, back then. I relied on advice and inspiration from the US blogs and forums which are all really lovely but their style of blogging is a little bit different to ours so I love that now their are so many British blogs to read and interact with.

Which leads me onto the lovely friends I have made from blogging. None of them I have met as yet because they are spread out all over not just the UK but all over the World. They are people I feel an online affinity with. All us bloggers have certain people in blogesphere that we just know we would click with in the real world. A UK blogger friend I would like to give a mention is Blissful Rainbow who I started following about a year ago. The first time I read her blog I cried, her writing is so powerful and she is one of those people who should write her life story as a book. We have become firm friends on facebook now and I know if we ever met we would get on like a house on fire, she is fabulous.  

Over the past three years Blogging has inspired me, comforted me, made me cry, made me laugh and presented me some lovely opportunities but most of all it has given me a place to express myself and I love being part of the community.

I no longer live in Devon but I'm equally as happy living here in my lovely little town out in the sticks in the Essex countryside close to my family.  Life has changed so much over the past three years since Day One of my blog. So Thank you for every follow, every comment and every smile you have given me as you let me into your world and you visit mine. Here's to many more years in Wonderful Blogesphere.


  1. Happy Blog Birthday lovely! You know I love your blog and your posts and would so dearly love to meet you one day xx

  2. Happy blogging birthday. I think you have a lovely blog, always super images too.

  3. Happy blog birthday,I love to read your blog and look at your lovely pictures :)

  4. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday! I love your blog too. xx

  5. Happy Blogversary to you! Having been brought up on the Dorset coast, it was lovely to see your photos of Devon. Like you, my blog is a memory bank / diary which I started to keep my sister in Sydney up-to-date. She's started one, as has my niece(9). It's nice to know others stop by as well!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! 3 years wow :) and what a lovely journey and memories you are creating here, it looks amazing in Devon I would love to live near the sea, I love your blog and look forward to antoher year of your posts :) x

  7. Thanks so much everyone...I love all your blogs too xxx

  8. Your Blog birthday was my actual birthday! Happy belated Blog Birthday! What a nice little look back of how you started your blog. I love where you used to live, I can relate to you very much when you speak of the countryside! Hannah



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