Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Garden Makeover - The work begins

A few weeks back I received the plants I ordered from Coblands Nurseries Best 4 Plants as part of the Bosch Garden Makeover Competition that I am taking part in. I spent ages picking my plants and was keen to create a very Autumn border. Best 4 Plants website have suggestions for seasonally plants which I found very useful.  

The plants that I ended up picking were a Cotinus Grace (smoke bush) which has lovely deep red leaves during the Autumn, lots of Hydrangeas with big mop head flowers that I love, some anemones that have pretty pink or white flowers in Autumn, four sedums that give a splash of Autumn colour , a couple of ferns, couple of climbers (clematis) and a bamboo.

I was thrilled with what greeted my eyes as I opened up the boxes. The plants really were lovely quality. I've never purchased live plants online before as I have always been a little worried about someone else picking my plants off the shelf for me, I'm a bit fussy like that. However, whoever picked my plants at Coblands did a grand job, because they were truly lush.

I set to work preparing and improving the soil in the border with farmyard manure. The border is set close to conifers and they love to suck any moisture and nutrients from anything else close by so it is essential that I improve the soil here before planting.

I also received my products from Bosch which was a hedge cutter - AHS 45-16 and a line trimmer - ART 26 Combitrim

As you can see in the background our huge conifers  seriously needed trimming. Papa set to work on those and he was very happy with my his new toys. He played with the line trimmer and was pleased that we could get our edges around the deck and raised beds nice and tidy.

September is a great month for seeding grass and I have a few bald patches that needed seeding before the Green Thumb people come out and give my lawn a treatment.

I sprinkled half a small box of seed over the bald area and a couple of weeks later and the grass is coming through beautifully.

So the work has began and in a few weeks I will be revealing the results of all my hard work.

*These products were sent to me free of any charge for the purpose of the Bosch Garden Makeover Competition. I have received no financial reward for writing this post and I always give my open and honest opinion.*.


  1. I need to do something with my lawn - there is more moss and weeds than grass these days! even though we purchased a good quality turf when we had the garden landscaped!!!!! Someone has suggested Tigerturf - but I'm not too sure about that!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at my post about my brother's birthday.

    Jordiegirl xxx

  2. can't wait to see the results! Looking good so far x

  3. Thanks Ladies, i'm really enjoying the challenge so far and its given me the motivation I needed to get some work done on my garden. Jodie - I've never treated my lawn before so Im keen to see the results from Green thumb. My cousin swears by treating hers every year xxx



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