Wednesday, 12 October 2011

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I know I rave on about my Mum all the time and it becomes very easy to put our lost loved ones up on a pedestal often forgetting their flaws and romanticising the relationship we had with them. No-one is ever perfect in this life and even though my Mum was a remarkably strong, independent woman she did have her faults. Mum was awful at picking her partners, which was a constant frustration for me, she was always working and rarely listened or understood us kids as teenagers and she had a tendency to be a bit cranky at times. 

So, no my Mum wasn't perfect just as none of us are but even so she was an inspiration to me in a lot of ways as she self built our family home as a single parent of four young children and as a single parent of six kids went to the University of East London, got her degree in Psychosociology and then went on to work in social services for vulnerable young people. However, what inspires me the most about my Mum was her whole hearted honesty and her loyalty to her family. Mum was one of the most genuine people you could ever wish to meet and didn't have one bad bone in her body. 

Our family home was always full of people, noise and busy activity. Family and friends would always gather at our house and some of them would turn to Mum during times of need. Without question she was always there to help them and even if she might have been struggling herself she would never let on. Unfortunately some of these people have proved not to have shown the same loyalty back, a loyalty she deserved. 

So my Mums devotion and selfless acts of love towards not just us kids but also members of her extended family are an inspiration to me. They made her the ever considerate person she was and she leaves a legacy to be proud of. Mum really was the salt of the earth.

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  1. Lovely post and I think as we get older we forgive our mums more for being human and flawed as well as wonderful.

  2. Sounds a wonderful lady and there will always be people who can't give back as upsetting as that is. I love that expression Salt of the Earth it really sums extra good people up doesn't it?

  3. what a wonderful women, the best things are being able to be there for people, honesty and loyalty go a long way x

    (beautiful doggie too ;)

  4. What a lovely post about your lovely mum. She sounds like a really strong woman. x

  5. Family is a seriously under-rated thing to care about. It's so easy to worry about everyone else and not look at the people around us who make us who we are. Your mum sounds fabulous.

  6. A great tribute and a fabulous post. She certainly sounds very inspiring and our family members should be the most valued x

  7. What a wonderful post, your mum sounds like a wonderful person x

  8. A lovely tribute to your mum, and with all she juggled in life no wonder she had some cranky days! She sounds fab! x

  9. Your mum sounds great. Nobody is perfect but those that inspire us do so sometimes for this very reason



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