Monday, 12 September 2011

Magpie Monday - The Silver Jubilee

Can you cast your mind back and remember how you celebrated the Queens Silver Jubilee back in 1977?

I remember it like yesterday. My Nan made me a red, white and blue dress from crepe paper that I wore to a street party that I attended with my Cousins. The day holds lots of fun memories for me even though I didn't win the fancy dress competition. So while I was in my local charity shop today I spotted a couple of original silver jubilee mugs that I nearly tripped over to get my hands on.

Then on another shelf hidden right at the back I spotted a silver jubilee plate in perfect condition.

No chips or scratches, simply perfect.

I'm such a Royalist and love the Queen so I'm so happy with this weeks Magpie finds and even happier that they only cost me £4 for the lot.

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  1. Ahh, I have s similar picture of me and my brother at a street party. I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. I was only 3 so don't remember the day though.

    Happy for you on your finds. Thanks for linking up xx

  2. aww yes I remember it well too. I didn't have such a glamorous outfit. It was blue jeans and white tee shirt and a red cardi from what I can remember. We did go to a massive street party though. Like you it really doesn't seem that long ago ! Well, certainly not 34 years ago !!!

  3. I am no Royalist but I do remember being taken to London for the Silver Jublilee and saw the Queen. Nice to be remembered and I think that dress is amazing and you was robbed!

  4. I was only 1, but I think I've got one of thos mugs in the cupboard that my Grandma bought me. Love that crepe paper dress - so creative!

  5. Great Jubilee finds. This reminds me, I found a Charles and Diana special tribute book in the op shop last week, I nearly grabbed it, except I'm just not that into them, so I left it on the shelf for someone who would appreciate it more. I joined in Magpie Monday this week, thanks for introducing it to me xx

  6. I was dressed as little miss muffet complete with a cotton reel spider!! x



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