Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Magpie Monday - Enid Blyton and Groovy Pyrex

I'm a day late with my Magpie Monday entry this week, Sorry but I've just had a lot on the past few days and just didn't have time to blog.

I had a very lucky week at my local charity shop this week although as I first wandered around the shop I thought I was going home empty handed but as I approached the front doors to leave I spotted a basket full of old 1970's children's book.

It was one of those moments when you know you have spotted something really exciting. The books are mainly Enid Blyton but there are a few other authors mixed in amongst them.

I love the colourful kitsch book covers and many of them I recognise from my childhood. I got the whole basket for £10...I'm thrilled to bits with them.

I also spotted some 1970's Pyrex tumblers. This design was very popular back in the day and I adore the bright funky colours. These were five for £2.50.

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  1. Soooo jealous! I had loads of those books as a child and remember borrowing lots of Enid Blyton ones with those covers from the school library when I was in infant school. They're just gorgeous.

  2. This is a brilliant find!! I read lots of Enid Blyton growing up - you're going to have a whale of a time flicking through and wandering down memory lane :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Wow, they're all in great condition too - definitely a brilliant bargain.

  4. I had forgotten I remembered thos tumblers and I love the bright colours
    Enid Blyton dominated my childhood. The Famous Five, Mallory Towers and all that.
    Seriously fab finds

  5. Well done you. Utterly brilliant. I'm rather jealous actually!

  6. Gosh, if I saw all your finds in my local charity shop, I'd be doing a little dance to the cash till for the old dears in there - lucky, lucky finds!

  7. Ohh, you lucky bugger Mama Syder! I just picked up "The Magic Treacle Jug" today as a matter of fact. If you tire of them, send them my way. LOL

    Great cups too. I remember smaller ones for cups of soup.

    Anne xx

  8. I have a whole box of Enid Blytons that my Mum gave to me out of her attic. My 8 year old loves the Famous Five but he turned his nose up at my much loved vintage copies and decided to read them on the kindle insteaD!

  9. Oh My Goodness!
    I have some of those books in my loft from when I was a child and those glasses!!!!!!!!!! We found 3 when we cleared my Mums house. My sister kept them. What bargains!!;O)

  10. Love these photos and my kids would ADORE those tumblers :)

  11. I'm so jealous. As soon as I saw the picture my heart started beating just a little bit faster!
    We still have some old Enid Blyton upstairs but only about 3 or 4.
    I loved her books as a child and have started reading them to my girls.
    I hope I come across a brilliant find like that one day!
    Enjoy :) xx

  12. Heh, they're exactly the sort of Enid Blyton books I have to stop myself buying! I've still got a few from my childhood, though a lot have moved on to the charity shop themselves (maybe it's the same set!), and I'm not allowed to buy any more til we move house, but I can look and dream, right?

  13. I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger, Famous Five were my fav!



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