Tuesday, 20 September 2011

#Healthworkers and what they have done for me

Most of us have been looked after by a health care worker at some point in our lives and for most of us it began before we were even born during our Mothers antenatal appointments with her midwife. I know I probably wouldn't be here today without the care and attention I have received from a health care worker at various times throughout my life.

When I was expecting my first child twenty two years ago I received news that without medical attention I would probably have died. During one of my antenatal appointments I was told that my pelvis is too small to give birth and that I would need a Cesarean section for this pregnancy and any future children I may to choose to have, oh and that it was probably best I stick to no more than three children. I actually went on to have four kids and every day I give thanks for the outstanding medical care I received during each and every one of my C-sections.

My children all arrived into this world safely thanks to my doctor, nurses and midwives without them I would have been in real trouble. We constantly take for granted the almost instant appointments we can arrange with our doctors, dentist, midwives, health visitor or that we can visit the A&E during times of emergency. A service I have used many times with four kids for asthma attacks, a broken arm or stitches. Other countries are not so lucky.

In Africa 8 million children die every year from preventable diseases, they die because they are too poor to receive medical treatment. They die in a country that only has 3% of the worlds doctors, nurses and midwives. It is truly shocking, sad, wrong and we can all do our bit to help raise awareness and spread the word.

As we speak fellow blogger @ChristineMosler is in New York with @lizScarff attending the UN General Assembly on behalf of Save the Children. They are aiming for 60,000 signatures before Tuesday ready to present to David Cameron at the meeting.

To help spread the word @helloitsgemma and @michelletwinmum want to get 100 bloggers linked up before tuesday so please take 30 seconds to sign the petition that will be presented at the UN meeting. It really is quick, so simple and will help towards saving lives.


  1. Mama, thank you for sharing, how lucky we are, and how lucky are you to have 4 beautiful babies. X

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for adding your voice to our call. It is very much appreciated.



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