Thursday, 18 August 2011

School Summer Holidays - Mum I'm Bored!

We are just over halfway through the School summer holidays and you might be starting to run out of stuff to do. Are the kids driving you doo-lally with "Mum, I'm bored!" every five minutes?

To be honest my lot haven't been too bad this year as the first two weeks we had our Granddaughter staying with us and she keeps everyone entertained also we have been lucky with the weather this summer as it has been quite dry and any rainy days we have had the kids have been happy to play in Bertha. Not forgetting to mention my lovely Cousin took my youngest away to Cornwall for a whole week...I know, I know isn't she a lucky girl getting to go away with her cousins...aren't I a lucky Mum to have such a wonderful Cuz!

One or two days I've had the "Mum, I'm Bored!" sentence thrown at me so out come the old jars that I stash at the back of the kitchen cupboard "How about some bug collecting?" I ask with an excited voice "Oh Mum, do we have to?" is their first response "Can't we go out somewhere?"
Going out 'somewhere' usually costs and by now I'm skint, school holidays can be expensive... the food shopping bill doubles, popping to the local shop for a pint of milk ends up costing an arm & leg because with kids in tow you can't leave without buying sweets, ice creams or magazines, new school uniform this time of year always breaks the bank and on top of that I've spent my spare cash on their day trip out to Clacton Pier. So no, we have to entertain ourselves for the remainder of the holidays.

So bug collecting it is then...

 We popped lots of holes in the lids of our jars and filled with leaves and grass

Armed with jars and a notebook (for drawing bugs and jotting down descriptions) they collected all sorts of wild & wonderful things from around the garden. If the kids are a bit older they can do this all by themselves leaving Mum to get on with the washing up or to relax in the garden with a cuppa, bliss.

As a kid I was a keen bug collector and even had dreams of becoming an insectologist. I would draw pictures of every bug I found and then look them up in my insect encyclopedia. Nowadays kids have digital camera's and google to look up their  insects but encouraging them to draw what they find stimulates their creativity and interest.

There are so many things to look out in the garden, when you really look and my favourite find has to be Mr Frog. Before you know it bug collecting can pass away a few hours, is totally free and encourages a love of nature.

Happy Bug Collecting!

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  1. I love this, what a great thing to do. Wish mine were back off on their holidays so we could do this. x



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