Monday, 1 August 2011

Magpie Monday - Picture Perfect

The most I ever really spend in the charity shop is a fiver unless it happens to be there are lots of bargains in there on the day I wander in. This week I managed to stick to my £5 budget and got all this...

I always pick up framed prints if I spot any I like as I love to create wall montages. I picked up a couple of cute ones this week for my bedroom. I love this cute doggy print. There is something familiar about it but not sure what. I think my Mum may have had a print by the same artist.

I love owls and when we lived in North Devon our neighbour had one as a pet and its gentle hoot hoot each night would send me off into a deep sleep. I would sooooo love a pet owl.

I've been on the look out for some coasters for a while now and I love the vintage floral design of these, but most of all I love the colours.

My next find was actually Papa's. He does most of the cake baking in our house and he is pretty damn good at it too although I do make the Christmas cake each year so this very retro 80's weighing scale is perfect for larger cakes and puddings...Yum!

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  1. Can't believe you got all that for a fiver!

    I adore the coasters and the scales are brilliant too. x

  2. Great finds for a fiver!! Particularly like your coasters x

  3. oooh love, love, love the shabby coasters !

  4. Fab finds and i love the scales!

  5. Great finds, even I like the shabby chic coasters, and you know I'm not the world's biggest fan of the Cath K type design.

  6. Wow- you managed to stay on budget and still walk away with a cart full of treasures. Great dog print for either a bedroom or a family room with fireplace.
    Love the vibrant red of the scales and I know you'll find a lot of used for it. when not in use you can store light things inside of it. (Not to keep pressure on the springs.)

  7. Great idea to stick to a budget, I should probably try that :)

  8. Loving those coasters! Nice finds as always lady. x

  9. ooh I love the coasters and the scales would also look FAB in your caravan too (but I guess you wont be baking in there! haha)
    Cute dog painting too ... but I am a sucker for doggies xxx
    Maria xxx

  10. Love the vibrant scales and imagining what will be made with them.
    Love the prints, the ragamuffin dog and the dignified owl.
    Like the fact the coasters came in the box



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