Monday, 8 August 2011

Magpie Monday - Cooking up some Bargains

I'm thrilled with my charity shop finds this week and I only went over my fiver budget by a couple of pounds...worth it though.

First find was actually spotted by Papa Syder as he passed the charity shop on his walk home from work he saw a pressure cooker sitting on a table outside. He knew I would love it.

It looks brand new and it definitely has hardly been used and even had the instruction manual with it. It cost Only £3.

I love these cups I picked up for 50p each. They are Termocrisa, Mexico's answer to Fire King.

Then I spotted this cute, tiny hand painted framed tile. Perfect for my bedroom wall montage. It cost £1.

Next up are these two vintage napkins. Very campervan. I adore them...only 50p each.

Lastly I spotted a hand knitted cardi. Looks like it was never worn. Perfect for the vintage look. It was only £2.

Pop over to Magpie Monday and check out the bargains all the other lovely Magpies have found.


  1. I love looking at your Magpie Monday finds Mama. You certainly have got the eye for a bargain.

    Anne xx

  2. Thanks Anne & Mike, I inherited my eye for a bargain from my Mum and Mike I found all these finds in my local charity shop x

  3. What a lovely selection this week. Love the pink cardi lady, you look fab ! xx

  4. You look great in your cardi :0)

    I really must invest in a pressure cooker. Supposed to save fuel and therefore be better for the environment. Although I am a little scared of them after the infamous rice-pudding-on-the-ceiling incident of my childhood!

  5. Not only great finds, great training of the husband! He gets a gold star for his find.

  6. fab finds the pressure cooker is a brill bargain!

  7. Totes jealous of the pressure cooker, I've always wanted one but too stingy to part with the cash they want for a new one, yours looks amazeballs, as does your pretty cardi, great finds as always! x



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