Thursday, 25 August 2011

Garden Makeover Competition - Includes my first ever Vlog

When I received the email asking me if I would be interested in taking part in a Garden Makeover competition I absolutely jumped at the chance. I must admit I nearly peed my pants with excitement as most of you know anything to do with gardening is right up my street and totally rocks my boat.

The Bosch Lawn and Summer Garden Makeover Competition is running from now until October 31st. Eleven Bloggers have been asked to take part and we have each been very kindly provided with £100 voucher for some Bosch Garden tools, two lawn treatments from Green Thumb and a further £100 voucher for Coblands Nurseries Best 4 Plants to help us make a real difference in our gardens.

My lawned area is in desperate need of treatment. It isn't wonderfully green like I dream of it being and it has lots of weeds so Green thumbs treatment is so welcomed. Their website is fab and really fun with lots of hints and tips for a lush lawn.

My mind has been spinning with ideas for planting and the main areas in my garden that I would like to concentrate on for the competition are my huge conifer hedging, my lawn and the kids play area at the bottom of the garden.

I cant remember the last time I spent £100 in one go on plants so I was really excited to begin browsing on Coblands Nurseries website Best 4 Plants. They stock a whole range of different plants and I really struggled to make a decision so I went with plants that are some of my favourites and that would do well in semi shade. The website is really reasonably priced, easy to use and I love how it has clear symbols underneath the title showing you the conditions the plant is best suited to. This feature was particularly useful, so if you are a complete novice in the garden this website will be really easy to use. I also spoke to the lovely people at Coblands today on the phone and they were really friendly and helpful offering lots of advice and suggestions.

From Bosch I have ordered a hedgecutter for my lovely large conifers and a cordless line trimmer for my edges and around my deck and raised beds.
So its all very exciting and I would love it if you could follow my progress over the next two months and then on the 31st October 2011 I will post my final photo's of the makeover and hope you will vote for me if you like what I have done to the garden.

The winner will be a given a full day with leading gardening expert Helen Yemm who writes for the Daily Telegraph. The winning participant will also receive two tickets to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012, an exhibition I have always wanted to attend.

Here is my first ever Vlog showing you around my garden before I begin my work on it. Hopefully it will give you a good idea of what the garden is like at the moment.


  1. Oh Fantastic!! Good luck, look forward to seeing the results x

  2. Hi Mama Syder! How great to hear your voice. Can't wait for the makeover. I'm an old fan of "Ground Force" from way back and never missed it for quids. I love makeover shows. Can't wait to see the finished product. I'll vote for you. You know that!

    Anne xx

  3. Thanks Nina and Anne and would really appreciate your vote Anne, I'm up against some tough competition although I just so excited even just to be taking part xxx

  4. haha....Helloooooooooooo. Nice to put a voice to you :P



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