Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Gallery - Animals

We love our Dog Luna, she is definitely one of the family and has been for the past nine years.

We knew her Mum's (Flower) owners and when she gave birth to our Luna the kids drove me nuts nagging day and night for us to have one of the puppies. I was a little hesitant, in fact a lot hesitant as I know what hard work puppies are and that a cute puppy boxer grows into a big bouncy hyperactive dog.

Of course the kids managed to twist my arm and we took one of the puppies home.

I was right...She did grow into a big dog but she isn't actually all that hyperactive. Considering she is a boxer that is quite unusual.

Everyone loves Luna and she leaves a real impact on people who have gotten to know her over the years. Friends who I haven't seen for ages will always ask "Hows you and the kids....and Luna?"

Luna is a bit grumpy when she first meets new people and growls under her breath. It often takes her quite a while to get to know strangers but once she is your buddy she will be for life and you will love her to bits.

She can often be found under my feet, tripping me up, pulling manky stuff out of the bin, drinking water from the loo, trying her hardest to eat my hens or climbing up onto the sofa when she knows she isn't supposed to. You will often hear me yell "For God sake Luna...pack it in!" and the kids telling me off for shouting at her

but I do love her and would feel lost without her, Our loopy Luna.

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  1. Awww what a lovely looking dog and her name is great. That last photo of her is beautiful - her coat is so shiny and she looks really happy. What a lovely member of your family xx

  2. She's beautiful, clearly very affectionate and much loved.

  3. She certainly takes a great picture!

  4. Awww she is lovely - it's so nice to have such a lovely bond with your pets! I love our 2 pups to bits :)

  5. Dogs are the best. I have two rescues and they are my girls. What lovely big squeezy paws Luna has. xx

  6. Sounds like a real dog to me, love the name and love how you describe her so well. Fave pic is the one of her lying down looking grumpy

  7. A beautiful dog. I love boxers but I could never have one. My 2 are hyper enough!

  8. Ah I love Luna and I've never even met her! I love Boxers they are just so, well erm, loony! I love their ditzy character but I'm not allowed one :(


  9. oh she is adorable!! my gallery is of simular theme - our boxer dog jacson, and he is only 1 year old now but he is the best friend the children could wish for and although he is bouncy he is gentle with it and is so faithful its untrue, I love him to pieces!

  10. Aw she's gorgeous Mama S. I don't think you beat the love of a loyal and happy dog. That last picture of her is so gorgeous x



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