Friday, 19 August 2011

Flashback friday - Two weddings, Two Cakes, One Baker

As this is my Blog I tend to write mainly about my side of the family, my Parents and Grandparents but that doesn't seem fair as the kids will want to read stories about their family on Papa's side too. So for Flashback Friday this week I would like to share with you papa's Grandparents on his Mothers side.

Unfortunately I never got to meet Papas Grandad Bert as he passed away years before we got together. I have been told he was a lovely man who absolutely adored his wife, Papa's Nan May. May was a wonderful cook and made beautiful cakes and I remember tucking into her delicious meat pies on quite a few occasions. Papa definitely inherited his baking skills from her.

May baked the wedding cake for Papa's parents back in 1969

And then again twenty years later in 1989 she baked an almost identical wedding cake for Papa and I.

I loved the fact that Papas nan made our wedding cake and that is was the same as his Parents. It gave the cake an extra special meaning and was so delicious too.

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  1. Wonderful wedding cakes and a lovely tradition. x

  2. There's always so much love and thought in your posts, I really enjoy reading them

  3. Bless, that's so lovely! You know, I was thinking a similar thought. I always blog about my family...must try harder to include hubby's family in the adventure! ;)

    Nice to see you back as well! ;)


  4. How amazing to have the same style cake as your parents made by the same person. I love traditions like that.

  5. Such a wonderful tradition to uphold and to have it captured inmthose photos. I am digging your big meringue 80's style wedding dress mama! Lol although you look a little nervous xx

  6. Thanks guys, Papa had actually forgotten that we had the same cake as his parents until he read this post...cant blame him though as it was a long time ago now.

    And Jenny you are right...I was an absolute nervous wreck on the day. I was so shy back then and hated being on display, still I'm glad I got to wear a proper puffy eighties dress.

  7. Lovely flashback - and I love the 80s dress would have worn a big puffy dress in 2004 if I thought I could have got away with it ;)



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