Monday, 4 July 2011

Magpie Monday - A penny For Your Thoughts

I'm on a tight budget at the moment as it seems one appliance after another has packed up. First the cooker, then the washing machine and to top it off Papa's hours have been cut for a few weeks as the hotel he works for has no weekend bookings over the summer months.

Typical then that appliances start to break. So I just picked up just a few quids worth of bargains from the charity shop this week.

Firstly I spotted a couple of tiny pictures for my bedroom. Love this penny Farthing in a frame. So cute at 50p each.

Then this lovely little winters scene in a gold frame.

And I picked this seaside picture up for Bertha (The caravan). I'd like to accessorize her with seasidey things so this is perfect. Love the colours.

Then as we are making a start on Christmas I got this embroidered table cloth...

Complete with Santa.

Pop over to Me and My Shadow for more Magpie Goodies.


  1. Ahh Bertha is going to be so beautiful when she's done (actually, I love her already!).

    Sorry to hear about your appliance woes - they say things come in threes so hopefully that's all your bad luck done with now. x

  2. I love the little winter's scene (not sure what the chicken thinks of it though). can i also say I love the fact you have a caravan named Bertha!!!

  3. I too have something like that Penny Farthing thing but paid more than you (sulk).
    Naughty Nauticals are trending on Magpie Monday this week and I like that little pic.
    I really like that winter scene and it will look like that outside by the time the man with the red suit comes a calling

  4. Very nice, I wish I could find buys like that - maybe when the girls go to school in septmeber I'll have the time to look! Right now I stay clear of charity shops as they cannot be bothered to wait for me whilst I rummage around.
    Looking forward to seeing Bertha updates

  5. Awh Bertha sounds fab! I'm on the look out for Christmas things too, love the embroidered table cloth.

  6. I love the idea of a nautical caravan, how cool!

  7. I have embroidered Christmas tablemats and napkins that would go perfectly with your tablecloth! Each year I say I will not use and have more 'sophisticated' and grown-up' table decoration - but no, each year it's good old Santa again :) Hope your appliance woes are at an end now - never understand why they all seem to pack up at the same time!

  8. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, good work and creative,,

  9. Love the seaside frame. Really miss the sea here. And cant wait to see Bertha transformed, such a lovely name for her!

  10. The chickens look like they're hoping to keep the pictures. I'm sure they'd like to have some art in their coop! I love the penny farthing, such a cute idea.



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