Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Listography - Five Things I'd like to do this Summer

This weeks Listography is a nice easy one for me as I have sooooo much I want to get done this summer, like day trips with our Granddaughter, getting a new pool for the garden, lose more weight and finish all those odd jobs before winter...the list is endless so for now here's just five.... 

1) Finish my raised beds in the back garden. They need filling with top soil and then I cant plant out my celery, cabbages, fennel, cauli's and  swedes. There is so much more I want to do in the garden but even if I just get these finished this summer I'll be a very happy woman. To be fair we have worked hard over the past two years in the garden and its 'getting there'.

2) Make lots of jam and tomato sauce. I foraged all these cherries yesterday and the kids have eaten half of them but with the rest I'd like to make some cherry jam. I was tempted to make pies but they would be way to tempting for me while I'm dieting. I have beef toms growing and I want to make my own tomato sauce for Papa & the kids...Hopefully I'll get plenty of toms to be able to do that.

3) Walk more. I do walk a lot...most days Papa and I will walk along the river or across the farm fields but I really should take longer ones and burn this fat. I am lucky to live in the countryside and I should take advantage of the miles of walks I could go on. It would benefit my weight loss.

4) Finish my crochet projects. I usually crochet during the winter when I cant be out in the garden. I like the fire to be roaring, the rain to be pouring while I'm cosy and tucked up inside with hook in hand. However I'm in the middle of a baby blanket for my Nephew who is a few months old now and still hasn't received his granny square blankie, I'm actually planning on finishing that this week. I'm also in the middle of making a double bed size granny blanket for my bedroom.

5) Finish painting Bertha's exterior, completing our our picket gates that Papa started and planting a lavetera hedge in large pots to shield Bertha from passers by...just to pretty the drive up to insure Beautiful Bertha doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

So that's just a few things on my 'to do' list for this summer now pop over to The Reluctant Housedad for everyone Else's.


  1. Reading that has made me feel all wholesome and sunny and country-ish - even though I'm in a grey corner of london. Think I'll buy some cherries!

  2. Crochet!! I have to respect someone who crochets. My knitting project didn't progress past a square of gnarled wool.

  3. a busy summer for you I hope you get everything on your list done :D

  4. Your garden looks a real treasure trove of different pots and veggies. I covet your raised beds! When you make your tomato sauce, put your recipe up - unless it's a secret one of course. xx

  5. Making jam - what a brilliant thing to do over the summer. You've got a great list here. Hope you achieve all your heart desires :) Thanks for taking part.

  6. Mama Syder. Are you kidding? Foraging those cherries? How lucky are you? That lot would've cost me about $30 at Christmas time!

    I should be crocheting. It's funny. I always get the urge to do it at Christmas time when it's way too hot.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  7. Mmm, those cherries look AMAZING! Lucky you to be able to find them for free. £2 for a titchy box in Tesco and they're my favourite!



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