Saturday, 9 July 2011

Foraging and Cherry Jam

I Love cherries and I would probably go as far as saying they are my favourite fruit. Growing up we had the biggest cherry tree I have ever seen and when they were in season the fruit was huge, juicy sweet white cherries. 

Our house backed onto the local park and the park entrance was an alley that run down the side of our house and garden. I would often hear people gasp as the passed the tree and some would even stop and pick any over hanging cherries they could reach. 

This year I am having both sleeves tattooed and I want cherry blossoms on both as a reminder of my happy childhood and the summers spent stuffing my face full of cherries. So you can imagine my delight when my lovely friend invited me along to forage for cherries. As we walked along the walkers footpath into farm fields my friend pointed out the huge long line of cherry trees in the distance.

As we got closer I could clearly see the trees were absolutely dripping with fruit... 

It looked as though it was once an orchard and as I picked the mouth watering gems, tasting the rich, sweet fruit it evoked memories of childhood and I wondered what its original purpose was, maybe for jams or to attract birds to eat the pests that plagued the crops in the farm fields... I would be interested to find out. Whatever it was once used for it has now been rather neglected and is very overgrown but the fruit is still growing, bountiful and fabulous for foragers and wildlife.

I returned home with two big bowls of fruit and the trees were still full of fruit to feed the wildlife...plenty for us all to enjoy. 

I washed them all and started work on removing the pits which was a messy job that stained my hands bright purple.

I tossed them into a large saucepan along with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar and proceeded to make jam.

I potted up the jam and put aside ready for warm bagels.

There was even enough left over fruit for Papa to whip up a crumble that the family demolished in minutes.


  1. wow, yummy cherry jam. when we lived back in surrey we had two huge cherry trees both about 60 years old in our back garden, but I never managed to pick any of the fruit, the starlings, and then latterly parakeets, ate it all as it ripened.

  2. OMG Mama Syder! Are you kidding me? Seriously. Aren't you one lucky duck to have all those cherries. Just growing wild like that. It's too hot for cherries to grow where I live and we get them flown in from the southern states, at a price. Usually a Christmas treat for us. The next best thing is a jar of morello cherries. You are so very, very lucky. I'm jealous! LOL

    Anne x

  3. That looks a lovely place! Magical xx



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