Friday, 22 July 2011

A Fond Farewell to My Brother

My eldest Brother emigrated to Canada this week so I thought it fitting to show some childhood photo's. My Brother and I were great friends and we rarely argued or fought like most Brothers & Sisters. We got on and enjoyed similar activities. I was a Tomboy and loved hanging around with my Brother & his mates...Boys had way much more fun than the girls. 

Mum would dress us up all pretty but we rarely stayed looking like that as we were kids who liked to get mucky. We were always playing in the mud and dirt... we would play run outs, tin can Tommy, knock down ginger, we went scrumping, collected ladybirds, had ant fights and built dens...this is how we would end up looking by the end of the day as we wrecked played in Mum's garden. 

We were full of adventure as Saturday mornings we would run to the corner shop with a carrier bag of jam sandwiches and 60p for a red bus rover. We would spend the day swinging from the back of the old routemaster buses all over London. I bet at some point we have travelled on nearly every bus route in London.

When our parents divorced it was Me and Bro who helped Mum take care of our younger Brothers and we have always been there for them all ever since. Bro giving them all work and I've always been there to support them during times of need.

We grew apart as we became adults...our lives took very different directions and to be honest we rarely saw each other over the past twenty years as we busied ourselves with our own families. It is sad we let that happen...we let life get in the way and drifted apart. 

It was during our family holiday to Canada and the US back in the 1970's that my Brother first said he wanted to live in Canada. As we visited our Auntie, Uncle and Canadian Cousins in Ontario we looked in awe at Niagara six year old Bro turned to me and said "I'm gonna live here one day!" At that moment I kew he had fallen in love with the beauty of Canada and I knew he meant what he said. Now thirty years later he has achieved his dream.

So I would like to raise my glass to my eldest Brother and his family as he begins his new adventure. I wish him much luck, love, happiness and success in his new homeland...Canada. 

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  1. Wow what an adventure he and his family are about to embark on. Exciting but shame it's so far away for you .
    I love the childhood photos of you both - I laughed when I saw the corona bottles. My brother and I used to go round collecting those to get our pennies back from the shop for returning them. Recycling was great fun!! Xx

  2. Oh that's such a lovely tribute to your brother. I hope he sees it! It's hard when family are so far away but at least you'll have a lovely place to visit! ;) Thanks so much for sharing with Flashback Friday!

    :) Karin

  3. Such a lovely post full of childhood memories. It is lovely to see that you and your brother were so close when you were younger. It is a shame that you drifted apart as you got older, but you can still tell that there is a strong bond between you and unfortunately I think it is just the way of life that we all get wrapped up in our own worlds and our own families as they grow. I wish all the very best to your brother and his family as they start their new life in Canada. And think of the great holidays you can have visiting them! x

  4. I enjoyed reading your memories and looking at the photos very much. Good luck to your brother and his family, and it is wonderful that he managed to achieve his dream.

  5. Oh Those pictures made me smile! Happy carefree days & memories you will always cherish x Thanks for sharing x

  6. A truly gorgeous heartfelt post Mama S. I love Canada so much so can see why he wanted to move out there. I hope he lives his dream just as he imagined and hopefully you get to visit him for holidays :) x

  7. I get that too, knowing when someone tells me something it WILL happen. Good luck to your boor, I can sense you are really going to miss him xx



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