Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Weight Loss Story

I have always been a bit obsessed with my weight although saying that it didn't actually start until I was about eighteen. I can't actually even remember weighing myself until then. Mum always stocked a healthy larder full of fruit, cereal bars and barley cup. 

Mum rarely ever bought chocolate, crisps or squash and we definitely never had fizzy drinks in the house. We were a Mormon family so tea, coffee and cola was banned instead we would drink water, shloer or barley cup as an alternative to coffee. My school lunch box consisted of a wholemeal sandwich filled with primula cheese spread, an orange or apple, a Harvest crunch bar and a bottle of water. 

I remember feeling so envious of the kids who had crisps and penguin bars which would be nearly every other kid in school. It is only when my own kids started school and I began to prepare their school packed lunches that I realised that Mum was pretty cool ensuring we ate healthily during the day and resisting our pleas for crisps & sugar.

Throughout my twenties and thirties I only ever gained weight during my pregnancies. Each one  gaining at least four stone and jumping from eight stone to 12, which for my small 5ft 2in frame is too heavy for me. I would lose the first three stone within three months using slimfast then for the last stone which is always the toughest to budge I joined either weight watchers or Slimming world.

This time things are different. I have gained five stone in five years and the weight was still creeping up until I joined Weight watchers three weeks ago. 
It all began to creep on when I lost Mum, Papa and I separated for twelve months and I gave up smoking all in the same year. I ate for comfort and then the over eating became a habit...An addiction.

I just want to be my old self again...of course, minus the cigarette.

Last year I did go to the doctors for a blood pressure check as  I do tend to suffer with a bit of high blood pressure. It was raised and so was my cholesterol levels. I was told to lose weight or I would need medication. The Doctor also said I was still grieving for my Mum and that a lot of people comfort eat during times of loss and if I would like some help from him to lose weight then come back in six months.

To be honest I was horrified..."Need help from the doctor to lose weight!" I don't think so, surely I can do this on my own? Can't I?

Well actually no I can't do it on my own but I don't want help from the lovely Doctor...I would rather have the support of friends. Friends who are battling with the same issues as me. So I have started a group on Facebook called Slinky Slimmers and the Gorgeous Gini over at Desperately Seeking Myself  helps me run it (Well to be fair Gini has done most of the organising over there). I have also joined Weight Watchers (And lost nearly a stone in three weeks...Woo Hoo), and then I spotted #Mumentum on a few blogs started by the lovely Liska over at New Mum Online. A group of Mum Bloggers supporting each other on their weight loss journey...Perfect, so I tweeted her yesterday and asked if I could join in too. 

So that's where I'm at. I am bridesmaid for my Cousin in September so really need an extra stone and a half off by then. As an incentive for myself I will be making myself a vintage wardrobe of clothes in a few sizes smaller all ready to wear for when I've lost my first two stone.


  1. Big well done on your loss so far. Keep with it. I have started being good too and am doing my first #mumentum post on Monday.

    Mich x

  2. Hi Michelle, Thanks for you comment and your support. I look forward to following your progress...Good Luck x

  3. Great post. Making the vintage clothes is a great idea.

    If you've lost nearly a stone in 3 weeks, you'll definitely be on track for more by your September deadline. We can keep each other company on the journey, us Mumentum Girls. Thanks for joining in.

    Liska xx

  4. Oh I think we have a lot in common, I too gave up smoking the year my lovely Mum died, six years ago now and it was the hardest thing I have ever done, coupled with the fact that I was grieving that year was the worst year of my life!

    I think you are doing brilliantly at weight watchers, it's nice to have the help and support from the group leader and other memebers isn't it.

    We now have the mumentum group too to help, support and encourage each other, I think it's great!

    I look forward to following your journey and helping in any way I can :) x

  5. Im on the WW too, i started 3 weeks ago so must have started the same week as you! Ive lost 11lb so far and hoping for the extra 3lb this week to get the first stone! Looking forward to following your ww successes. Scarlett x

  6. Hi Ladies, Thankyou for your comments. I will be popping by your blogs today to say Hi x

    Thanks Liska for starting the blog hop...Great idea x

    Carole - Gving up smoking was really hard, especially when you have just lost your Mum... I certainly struggled so will never go back to them now (I'd rather spend my money on dress fabric, lol) x

    And Scarlett WOW...Well Done! I'm too hoping for a 3LB loss this week to reach my stone. I must admit I'm really enjoying my WW group...everyone is sooooo lovely x



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