Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Bloomin Garden - June

So Lots is Blooming in my garden at the moment. I have worked very hard in the garden since I moved here 18 months ago and as you fellow gardeners know it takes a few years to get your garden how you want...but then again do you ever get it how you want it? There are always new ideas, new plants. new flowers we spot that we would love to incorporate in to our gardens.

Last spring I planted out a Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) and this year it has finally bloomed. It is the Black Knight variety and has gorgeous dark purple blooms. I love this bush as it is so easy to care for and the bigger it gets the more butterflies it will attract. The kids get excited once that starts to happen.

This clambering pink rose bush is actually planted in my neighbours garden but it tumbles all over the separating picket fence and looks so pretty. Its blooms have just began to open. 

Thanks to my neighbour on the other side I have Marigolds blooming all over the place as he grew them from seed and very kindly gave me a tray. They all vary in colour from pale yellow to bright orange. The orange ones have got to be my favourite.

The blackberry bush has blossomed and is now showing the first sign of fruit...yummy for crumbles come August/September time.

The Bee's are loving my petunias and I love to watch them buzzing in and out of each plant. It is such a pleasure.

I have too giant pots full of these bright yellow lilies...They have just began to bloom and look stunning! My favourite in the garden at the moment.

We have had an awful lot of rain down here in the south and the garden is lapping it all up. My  celery is a very thirsty plant and thoroughly enjoys the rain. I have some raised beds that I will be transplanting the celery into as I will be growing my vegetables in the back garden from now on instead of the lottie. But that's a whole other post so I'll come back to that next week as I invite you in to Mamas Garden.

So Whats your favourite Bloom in your garden this month?


  1. We live in a new build, so are still working on teh garden. We have riased bedds for vegggie gowing, but no colour as of yet, apart from the climing roses we pplanted, which have already broke the abour!

  2. Oh Wow your roses sound like they are doing very well. That is something I eventually want to add to the garden...an arbour covered in red roses, Lovely! x

  3. What a beautiful, colourful garden. We're definitely low maintenance here, but I can definitely see the appeal of growing lots of lovely flowers and fruits and veggies!

  4. Beautiful photos and gorgeous garden - mine looks like the wreck of the Hesperus after 3 weeks holidaying. Trouble is it's constantly raining so i can't get out there and make a start.
    Will have to invest in a macintosh if the weather doesn't change

  5. You know I'm not green fingered at all but I had to comment to say - where did you get those Russian dolls? They are EXACTLY the same as the ones I had when I was a child and I'm not sure whatever happened to them. I keep an eye out in charity shops as I'd love for MC to have some just like Mummy had as I loved them x

  6. Thanks Ladies. I still have lots of work to do in the garden before I get it how I'd like.

    Heather - The dolls are ace aren't they. My Granddaughter adores them. My Brother brought these ones back for me from Russia but I have seen them dotted about in the UK too. If I spot any on my travels I'll pick you some up x



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