Monday, 6 June 2011

Mumentum - Week one

I joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago after a lovely neighbour of mine knocked on my door and invited me to go along with her and her sister. I had previously joined my local Slimming world and to be honest this weight watchers group is much better. I know it sounds weird but even the lighting in the hall makes a big difference and being a brighter meeting room it feels more positive. The other ladies are all really friendly and the leader very approachable. I instantly felt at ease.

So far I have lost 11LB and for my fourth week I'm hoping to lose 3LB to reach my first stone. I have changed a few things in my diet like I have given up bread and potatoes and now only eat weight watchers or danish bread. My breakfast now consists of all bran with skimmed milk although on a Saturday I have a cooked breakfast of bacon, mushrooms and plum tomatoes. 

I haven't completely given up alcohol and save my weight watchers treat points for a Friday night bottle of Vino. My cooked breakfast Saturday morning helps stop me craving carbs all day which is often my problem the morning after wine night. 

I'm trying to replace my coffee intake with cups of Green Tea, however I'm yet to completely give caffeine up.

My exercise levels need to be increased really and I will be working on that this week. All in all I'm feeling very positive and determined...I will beat this over eating addiction! Oh and just before I go I just have to share this with you...I think my Hens know I am on a diet as look as this diddy egg they layed this morning. Here it is on the left next to a regular sized egg. Cute eh! 


  1. Good luck on reaching your 1st stone. I hope we can spur you on.
    You are an inspiration so thank you for joining us.
    Loving the little egg - so so so cute.
    I am also trying to give caffeine up and have managed to get down to 1 a day although a 2nd sometimes sneaks in. Today and onwards I am going to try to stick to one and then nil xxx

  2. Congratulations on almost reaching your first stone..thats great! My Mum is a Weight Watchers leader. I think for that reason I have always avoided the diet (madness I know) but i do get to taste the treats and stuff which is nice. Its great to have you on board and I am looking forward to reading more on your progress :-) x

  3. well done on your 11 lbs weight loss, that's great in just 3 weeks. I will definitely have to try the Green tea to see if it's an improvement on my current stuff!
    You can tell we're both on Weightwatchers, we eat the exact same cooked breakfast!
    Keep up the good work & good luck for that stone.

  4. Well done - and best of luck to reach your first stone this week. I really must get my head out of the sand when it comes to losing weight x

  5. I am so jealous you have hens. And as a complete campervan maniac - I LOVE the egg cups.

    Good luck with stone number 1. you@re so very close x,

  6. Wow you are doing great,i need to change my tea because tea = biscuits,keep up the great work :)

  7. Those egg holders are adorable! (I'm restoring my dad's 1967 bus...)

  8. Congratulations you are doing so well. I took up Rooibos to come off the tea and there are so many lovely herbal teas out there. White tea is also good have you tried it? Well done again and look forward to the updates. Nazima x

  9. Why did I have to read this post just as I am stuffing a hot dog in my face? I justify that I did not want it to go to waste and in truth I had not yet eaten today. I would not feed this to the dogs. Excuses! I will never do as well as you.

    I do not drink caffeinated or carbonated and am increasing plain old water intake. Can I get points for that?

    I will have to get my act together and write posts and join in. I am week and need support.

  10. Wow you are doing brilliantly! I really hope you reach your 1st stone this week. I can't wait till I lose my 1st must feel so much better already.

    So glad you've joined us and look forward to your updates x

  11. Thanks Everyone for your lovely support so glad Liska started up Mumentum x

    And dogsmum you should join in, everyone is sooooo lovely and really motivating. We all need the support for our weight loss...Its too difficult to do alone x

  12. You are doing so well, to be near for 1st stone, you should feel very proud of yourself! I don't know how you drink green tea? Do you like it? Love the idea of a cooked breakfast at the weekend, but I adore bran flakes...I got through 6 boxes in one week when I was pregnant. They were my craving! xx

  13. Well done on your fab loss so far and I hope we help support you with the next part of your journey! I joined Slimming World a few months ago but left because I didn't like the woman who ran the class - she was mean! So I still follow it but I do it myself with the support of the mumentum ladies. Good luck this week! xx

  14. Well done on losing all the weight so far and hopefully you will reach a stone with the other mumentum girls spurring you on.

    I love the little egg too!

    Katie ( A fellow mumentum girl!) x



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