Monday, 13 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Song of the Surf

 Yay, Its Magpie Monday again! I really look forward to having a look at what bargains everyone else has found during the week. So for this week I picked up a few bargains from my local charity shop that I am really pleased with.

I really love Kitsch 1960's prints and I spotted this one and instantly felt drawn to it. I guess it was the crashing waves calling to me.It will be perfect in my bedroom.

It is a print by Ed Mandon. Edouard Mandon was a French artist born in 1900. I could find very little information about the artist but I think this painting is called 'The Song of The Surf'

I spotted a retro multi coloured door curtain for my back door for £1.50. I buy a new one every summer and last year I wanted a multi coloured one but couldn't find one anywhere so I'm thrilled with my find.

I had a rummage through the haberdashery drawer and spotted these goodies....The lot for £1.50.

A packet of vintage hook & eyes will come in handy for future sewing projects.

And some lovely old buttons that match perfect with some fabric that I have a for a skirt I'm making.

And a little belt buckle for the same skirt. 

So another good week for me. Pop over to Liz at Me and My Shadow to see what the other Magpies have.


  1. Oh I've always wondered where you buy those fly curtain thingies from! Great find.

    Love the picture too, it's one you can get lost in for ages.

    Thanks for linking up x


  2. great finds the picture is lovely x

  3. Fab print, and you've just reminded me that I used to have an amazing blue beaded door curtain I bought in Gibralter - think it must have gone missing in a move :-(

  4. I rather like that picyure - nice and calm for a bedroom! Loving your haberdashery finds too especially the pink buttons - cute!

  5. The print is utterly gorgeous, so calming and beautiful - there's something so magnetic about the sea, but I've got to say I love watching a stormy sea from a good vantage point too. Need a good waterproof for that though!

    Jem xXx

  6. That is a huge print for L2!
    To have it be wonderful to look at and a well known artist is bonus value.
    Great sewing finds. I am always on the lookout for those things too, even though time to do projects gets harder to find.

  7. Love anything haberdashery based, great finds, look forward to seeing the finished item. x

  8. I love your new header ! The baby all chubby in yellow knits takes me back.
    What a fab selection of finds. I so love thrifting, you just never know what you will find. xx

  9. I could lose myself for days in that picture. I really miss living by the seaside, the local reservoir doesn't have the same effect of blowing the cobwebs out of my head.

  10. Love your vintage sewing supplies!



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