Monday, 27 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Bouquets & A Revamped Lamp

I have been cracking on with my bedroom makeover this past couple of weeks. I was going for a 30/40's look but it is becoming a bit of a mis-mash of a few different era's as I collect vintage accessories to dress the room. We have painted the walls a nice cottage cream, hung my vintage curtains that I bought here and this week I revamped an old lamp stand I had. I have a long way to go before the room is finished so I wont show you it just just a glimpse for now. 

I picked up a lovely print for a £1.

And a really gorgeous little painting someone called Jules had painted. I absolutely love it and it was only 50p!

So they have been hung in my bedroom. Last year I picked up an old wooden lamp base for a £1 that was a dark varnished colour complete with a really old plug and light fitting. Papa changed the fitting for me and I painted it white. I found a really nice vintage shade in the charity shop this week for £2.

The shade complements the base perfectly...I'm thrilled with the revamp!

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  1. From the teaser your bedroom looks as though it's going to be lovely. The pictures look great in that corner co-ordinating with the floral bedlinen, and I LOVE the lamp- the shade is gorgeous! Great pairing.

  2. Gee you find some lovely things Mama Syder! I just love that lamp shade. Looking at your bedding, it's looking very shabby chic. Can't wait for the big reveal!

    Anne @ Domesblissity x

  3. Oh Em, that lamp is fab and your bedding is beautiful! And I'm very envious of the beautiful fireplace you have in your bedroom.

    I'm not Magpie-ing this week, I've been avoiding the charity shops on account of sorting/packing. I might not be able to resist this week though, seeing as I get paid on Wednesday LOL xxx

  4. Hi there, again I so won't to live in your house! Your revamped bedroom looks amazing and I really like your vintage style. The flower prints are just gorgeous and at £1 and 50p that's very cool! Bx

  5. ooh I can't wait to see your room when its all completed :) Love the lamp stand!
    Maria x

  6. That lamp is gorgeous. I'm picturing it with an old black twisty cord fitting before it was updated, my nan used to have a couple of lamps with those fittings. And I'm very jealous of the mirror I caught a glimpse of above your fireplace.

  7. Thanks everyone. The fireplace needs a little mantle and some trinkets and Squeakymum I won the mirror on ebay for 99p! Lovely bargain that was! x

  8. I strongly suspect your bedroom is going to be totally gorgeous!

    The lamps is stunning. It's exactly what I had in mind when I picked up a dark wooden base. My mother scowled at me so I put it back - shame on me! x

  9. very posh em well done xxxxx

  10. Love your pictures and revamped lamp, what bargains! I agree the fireplace looks great too.

  11. Oh, it is so lovely already so really looking forward to seeing how it progresses.



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