Sunday, 5 June 2011

Listography - The Good Decisions I have Made

I really love Kate's theme for this weeks listography...The top five decisions that I am glad I made. It is inspired by the fab Chris Mosler over at Thinly Spread who is 'making a difference' over in Africa for the Save the Children 'No Child Born To Die' campaign.

It is quite an easy theme for me as I have made quite a few life decisions that I'm very happy I made.

1) Marrying my Man and having four kids
We were so young when we married twenty two years ago that people said it wouldn't last. In fact they assumed we were only marrying because I was pregnant which was one of the reasons but we did happen to be madly in love too. Papa was only eighteen when he walked up the aisle and only just nineteen when we had our first child. He has been an amazing Father to our kids, from day one getting up for night feeds, cooking for us, helping me around the house. He has always been a very hands on Father and I would be lost without him in my life.

2) Spending a Year living in North Devon
This was definitely one of our best decisions. We had lost Mum the year before and just got back together after our twelve month separation (you can read a bit more about that here) when we made the decision to retreat from the world. We upped sticks and moved to a beautiful fisherman's cottage that backed onto the River Torridge in Appledore. The above photo is the view from our bedroom. Appledore healed us, She wrapped her beautiful arms around us and let us breathe again and to grieve in peace while repairing our marriage. We needed that year of isolation and chilled out beach living and Forever, I will love Appledore.

3) Making the decision to Downshift our lives
Living in Appledore taught us that living a simple life was much more fulfilling than constantly 'chasing the money' and that we didn't actually need all the material things that we had spent our lives thinking we needed. Yes we still like nice things, we do have a very nice TV, laptops, mobile phones etc but we no longer spend our lives working and studying around the clock to gain these things. If we cant afford them then that is fine...we no longer yearn for them. Previously we had spent too many hours away from one another as we spent our lives passing each other like ships in the night. Eventually it lead to the break down of our marriage.

4) Moving back to Essex from Devon
I loved our time in Devon and I do miss it. I still yearn to be there sometimes and soak up her breathtaking natural beauty but not as much as I yearned to be closer to our Granddaughter while we lived there. Moving closer to London and back to Essex has been so positive for us. We live in a friendly, old fashioned riverside town in a lovely little road, in the countryside surrounded by miles and miles of farm fields. We are now  living in close proximity to our Granddaughter and have her visit us every school holiday. We are happy here...In fact probably the happiest we have ever been.

5) Writing my Blog
Like most of us blogging is a big part of my life. I started it back in 2008 after reading my Cousins family blog. I absolutely loved it and how you could write and store memories so much easier than writing in a journal. I became hooked. Blogging has given me new Friends with common interests, lovely things to review and write about, a creative outlet and I would definitely say blogging is great therapy. The day I opened my blogging account was a very good decision indeed.


  1. Lovely post I am going to have to do mine now. We are in South Devon and its just beautiful :-)

  2. Gosh that place in Devon looks amazing. Sometimes nature is the best healer.

  3. What a lovely post - and stunning photographs. And what a hunk your fella is, eh?

  4. You've changed your blog again?!! Well I love it, and I love your post. Simply lovely.

  5. Am loving the photographs on this and that you were able to repair your marriage, congratulations :)

  6. Gorgeous photos and post.

    I love the fact that you have managed to come through difficult times and are now very happy.

  7. Great post Mama Syder and lovely photos. Boy, getting married at 19 was the furtherest thing from my mind. So happy for you that it worked out and you're still going strong. What a great man you've got there.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  8. Lovely photos, hunky bloke and a happy life... what more can you want! :)

    Devon looks gorgeous. I would so easily live there x

  9. You've made me want to downshift - but not until after we've paid for a holiday to Devon! Love this post x

  10. I love the photos you have used in this listography. What a wonderful life you lead?!!!lovely postx

  11. What a happy post. Taking a year out by the sea sounds utterly perfect, and it was obviously exactly what you needed, good on you for trusting your instincts.

  12. What a great post - Wish I'd been in the country so I could have joined in with this one. You have a life to be very envious of x



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