Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Garden in May/June

May & June are lovely months in the garden. Lots of flowers are in bloom, roses are everywhere. My veggies and pots seem to be thriving even though it has been quite dry down here in the South of England and you can really tell by the state of my lovely yellow lawn.

So lets have a little look around The Syder Apple Garden as we leave May and enter June.

Back during the Easter holidays the kids planted a salad garden (HERE). Take a look at it now....We have lettuce coming out of our ears.

My Kale is doing very well indeed. I planted this as it contains cancer fighting properties. This is back when I was thinning out the seedlings (HERE). I will be tucking into these in next to no time.

Cabbages are also thriving. I planted these in empty loo roll holders back in march (HERE). 
They really should be planted out now but I'm just waiting for Papa to build me some raised beds in the garden.

I planted two types of cabbage...Red (above) and savoy that I have planted in a big hanging basket. 

I have fennel growing in the bottom of this hanging basket and as an experiment I am growing sweet pea in a basket. They like to grow upwards so I'm not sure it will work out (fingers crossed). The top little basket I leave empty because it is handy for collecting the Hen's eggs. 

In the front garden Papa has been busy building me a white picket fence that isn't finished yet. I have planted out a lilac bush, a butterfly bush (Buddleia) and this lovely apple blossom (Escallonia). It doesn't produce fruit but looks pretty and grows to about ten foot.

We also have an apple tree growing in our front garden and the first year we were here we got four red, juicy apples. However last year the apple tree didn't do too well and I actually thought it was dead. It managed to get some kind of blight and we were forced to cut the top of the tree off. I decided to see how it did this year before I make the decision to dig it up and replace it. It seems very happy...Phew!

Oh and just before I go I'd like to show you what the kids are using my shiny new deck for....

A Princess Camp!


  1. Your plants look incredibly healthy. You must spend a lot of time watering them, especially in the dry weather. I love my pots and have hanging baskets too.

    Oh, and I love the Princess garden!!

    CJ xx

  2. Gosh, it looks a lovely day in the UK and look how your garden grows. Everything looks lovely! A princess camp is a must for any garden.

    We're coming into cooler weather here in Aus now but still sunny enough here in Qld for the kids to enjoy Princess camps, pirate ships and space ships.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  3. Your garden is thriving.I wish I could say the same for my veg. We've had awful weather for May in Ireland, everything looks battered. We have aconstant pile of blankets and old curtains pulled out in the garden as well.

  4. I'm so jealous of all your produce Mama S...I wish I had green fingers.

    That looks a fab princess camp too :)




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